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Professional edition user
Posté Mon 15 Nov 10 @ 6:03 pm
Hello Everyone I am having problems after i updated to the new software yesterday everything seem to run smoothly as always when I run the set up i use. A Pentium 4 with 2 Gigs of memory ram and I have Two internal Hard Drives One for VDJ only And the other for windows XP processor. I have all my music on external hard drives which is a 360 Gigs. And I use the Numark DMC-2 controller in sync with VDJ.

So everything runs smooth and all but when I want to use the newest plugin effects from VDJ versions 7x all I get is a Black screen with no option to load the effect so i need help badly I have a DJ Gig in 4 days so please help. other wise Im Going to go back to VDJ 6 which i dont want to do. I rilly dig the new VDJ7

Thanks for your help
DJ FANTASY aka : Hugo :D


Atomix Productions
Posté Mon 15 Nov 10 @ 6:57 pm
What effects? All effects? Are they listed, can you see them in VDJ?


Professional edition user
Posté Mon 15 Nov 10 @ 7:46 pm
SBDJ wrote :
What effects? All effects? Are they listed, can you see them in VDJ?

the ones like the new gate and crush. new noise bell. New Filter High And Low..Basically all the new ones from TexZK other than that the other old effects from VDJ are fine I dont understand does it need like a special driver or something else to make them work ..I never have had any issues with effects or anything until yesterday that I updated Vdj..
Im using windows XP service pack 2 on my rig ...i was wondering if it may need service pack 3 or something I dont know ..


Professional edition user
Posté Mon 15 Nov 10 @ 7:50 pm
Oh and i forgot to tell you that the effects are listed on the list but on the loading box in the middle is black with no buttons as well on the effects adjustments for the parameters its black as well i cant make them work. I just tried deleting VDJ 7 from my system and start a new fresh set up maybe i thought that might help but still the same issue.
Pls Help


Atomix Productions
Posté Mon 15 Nov 10 @ 10:44 pm
You're missing a runtime requirement for these plugins from your computer - I'd say the VC++ 2008 runtime library.


Professional edition user
Posté Mon 15 Nov 10 @ 11:29 pm
Ok awesome i will try this tomorrow ASAP ..
I will post results as well thanks a mill Thankful for the fast fix tip :D


Professional edition user
Posté Tue 16 Nov 10 @ 4:16 pm
ok so it rilly did the trick my problem is fixed..thanks a lot
Ill be testing it out all out before trying it at my next event..

Just a brief question ..Is there a possibility to run the 4Deck skin and get all decks run thru the Numak DJiO ?
i was wondering to have decks 1/3 on channel 1 and decks 2/4 on channel 2

let me know Thx Again :)

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