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djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Update Ver 7.01

Kyriws beltiwthikan oi mappers kapoiwn controllers gia na xeirizontai 4 decks.
Prostethikan kai kapoio kainourgioi.

- fixed left/right for dual-deck controllers on multidecks skins
- fix on mac for MIDI controllers with several virtual "ports" (xponent, uc33e, ...)
- fixed 4-deck controllers in 2-deck skins
- fixed mismatched dual MIDI controllers if VID/PID reported in wrong orders by windows
- new registry hack: DisableBuiltinDevices, ScanMIDInoPID
- fixed crash if apply-to-all in fileinfo included the separator
- fixed VDJScript "page 'effect' ? effect activate" (and other similar scripts) keeps the skin button lit
- new VDJScript action "param_cast"
- new VDJScript action "get time [elapsed|remain|total|loopin|loopout|cueX] [absolute] [{resolution}]"
- new VDJSCript action "deck X get controller_name"
- fixed MIDI LED <bar cc="" full="true"> first led was always lit
- new MIDI xml <text sysex="" offset="" size=""> will "insert" the text at offset if offset+size>sizeof(sysex)
- MIDI xml <text> can use encoding="ascii" to ensure 7-bit midi compatibility.
- fixed <text sysex=""> with insert
- new controllers DJ2GO, GEMINI16.
- modified controllers FFKTLR, MC600, SC2000, SPIN, DJCMK2, DJCMK4, DJCRMX, VCI300

Gia sxolia erwtiseis yparxei to sxetiko thread

Posté Tue 16 Nov 10 @ 3:26 pm

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