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Sujet Virtual DJ 7.0.1 MAC
Someone has successfully upgrade Virtual DJ for version 7.0.1?

Posté Wed 17 Nov 10 @ 6:45 pm
I have the upgrade works great like always :)

Posté Wed 17 Nov 10 @ 8:39 pm
Have you checked if it actually updated to version 7.0.1? Mine was installed but still in version 7.0.

Posté Thu 18 Nov 10 @ 4:48 am
cortoPRO InfinityMember since 2004
After installing upgrade go to your applications, that's where the new thing is. change out icons in your dock and voila!!!
Happy mixing.

Posté Thu 18 Nov 10 @ 5:39 am
Thanks man, I had not seen this detail.

Posté Thu 18 Nov 10 @ 8:40 am
is there a change log?

Posté Thu 18 Nov 10 @ 9:07 am
Here is the change log from the Wiki, found here:

fixed left/right for dual-deck controllers on multidecks skins
fix on mac for MIDI controllers with several virtual "ports" (xponent, uc33e, ...)
fixed 4-deck controllers in 2-deck skins
fixed mismatched dual MIDI controllers if VID/PID reported in wrong orders by windows
new registry hack: DisableBuiltinDevices, ScanMIDInoPID
fixed crash if apply-to-all in fileinfo included the separator
fixed VDJScript "page 'effect' ? effect activate" (and other similar scripts) keeps the skin button lit
new VDJScript action "param_cast"
new VDJScript action "get time [elapsed|remain|total|loopin|loopout|cueX] [absolute] [{resolution}]"
new VDJSCript action "deck X get controller_name"
fixed MIDI LED <bar cc="" full="true"> first led was always lit
new MIDI xml <text sysex="" offset="" size=""> will "insert" the text at offset if offset+size>sizeof(sysex)
MIDI xml <text> can use encoding="ascii" to ensure 7-bit midi compatibility.
fixed <text sysex=""> with insert
new controllers DJ2GO, GEMINI16.
modified controllers FFKTLR, MC6000, SC2000, SPIN, DJCMK2, DJCMK4, DJCRMX, VCI300

I just updated, and it appears to be working great so far.

EDIT: Its working fine after swapping out the icon as mentioned a few posts up.

Posté Thu 18 Nov 10 @ 1:42 pm
yo nesito conectar este versión por compre es 7.0.1 numero de serie es [NOT A GOOD IDEA TO POST YOUR SERIAL NUMBER]

Posté Sat 04 Apr 20 @ 2:07 pm