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Sujet Best way to organize music
SO I just picked up a laptop & before I fill it up with my music I wanted to know the best way to organize my music. SO far I have only make files with rap music, r&b, raggae, dance and so on. I have not put anything into my iTune yet. How do you guys do it?

Posté Fri 26 Nov 10 @ 10:06 pm
Well, to begin with, I never store any music in my laptop. I store most of my music in my desktop computer, and this is how I organize my music. To begin with, I only spin House, trance and electro.

All of my house music is organized by BPM and Key note, and it's the same way for my trance and electro tracks. Now, since I usually don't like to recycle music, I normally label folders by the name of the club where I will be spinning along with the date. For example, I will label one folder as Rhythm Lounge 11252010, and my set is actually organized by Key note and BPM.

That's how I organize my music.

Posté Fri 26 Nov 10 @ 11:24 pm
ReThinkPRO InfinityMember since 2009
I agree with DJ Ho with the storing of music on the Internal HD. I personally use External HD for a couple of reasons. The External HD has its own .xml for cue points, BPM etc and just in case something fails on the computer I can easily move to a different computer.

As for organization, see below. I use playlists heavily and ID3 Tags MUST be correct. I find it easier to keep all tracks in the same place to keep my filter folder scripts easier to manage.

>Acapella In_Out
>BPM Transitions

>Acapella In_Out

Posté Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 1:14 am
don't put the music on the C: .....

when it dies you lose windows PLUS your music ....not necessary to lose the music also

strip the new unit of the barfware it shipped with programs , norton mcafee, whatever ,

get real anti virus , or none at all

remove the battery and don't use it

set power management profile to always on , then everything else to "never"

turn off all system sounds

defrag the new unit , it's a mess when you get it outta the box .....

use CCleaner (free) to clean caches , registry , master file table ......

set the paging file to 3x the size of the RAM and then move it to your external drive (yet another way to

remove a workload from the C: drive )

turn off unneeded background processes and startup programs (this will require researching these items on Google


get a copy (free) of Quick Restore Maker .....

make it a habit to set your own restore points several times a week

now the easy stuff organizing the music

the above suggestions are good , if those will work for you

i work in a strip club and do mobil events so i have many real and virtual folders and filter folders

i don't bother much with playlists for 2 reasons ... i feel too much i'm serving up leftovers , and

you always have the history list which duplicates somewhat a playlist

as far as external drives go .....i've used many sizes and many brands .......use smaller sizes , they defrag faster

use what's cheapest , they're uhhhh cheaper ......they all last a year or 2 and die anyway.....

no matter how much you wax it , it won't go faster ......

Posté Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 7:06 am
I plan on getting an external real soon but in the meantime I have the same music on my mac harddrive and it is alreasy backed up.

My mac had alot of music on it and nothing is organized at all so before I start moving stuff to the laptop I want to be organized better than I did on the mac.

For some reason my WD & Lacie external harddrives are not working with this laptop.

Also I don't see a point to save anything by BPMs because when I put the same genre music together and bring it up in VDJ it will get sorted out there plus some music is slowed down or sped up to match anyway.

Posté Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 9:02 am
yk23PRO InfinityMember since 2006
Im interested in this too, not about where to keep the music. If anyone wants to know, I'm going to carry just the music I would ever play at the club on my computer (drive c:) and all my music on 2 external drives- backed up. I also carry a small spare computer most of the time.

I'm starting all over again since the last time I categorized my music in 2005. Any ideas for folders? I had before one folder for music that I always played called "Dance" since I DJ clubs. This would contain anything that is danceable I don't do mobile gigs or weddings. I also had genre folders for stuff I played like twice a year if the club deicded to have a private party, lets say 80's night or country music. I'm having a hard time with electro & house since there is more what I consider mainstream dance then in 2005.


DJ Kavika

Posté Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 10:08 am
try filter folders

Posté Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 3:29 pm
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Easiest way is to create virtual folders first to orginize the info the way you want until you get it right, you can also nest the folders into a main folder which could be a Genre Folder with Sub's like rock, house hip hop or whatever you'd like to work with, first see if it meets your style of doing things, then if it serves your needs you can always create system folders if you like and do a content move command later, there are alot of choices available in VDJ...

To remove background services before using VDJ download Game Booster, it's free once done with your session it will restore those services back to normal.


Good Luck,


Posté Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 4:29 pm
I have all my music inside my laptops Hd. I also have a back up external hd. I dont want to be consuming more usb ports when its not necessary with the external hd. The music inside the laptop is good enough and i never heard of anyone also having problems with music being inside the dj laptop. My sets are based on how i mix all night with skipping a beat. You dj keep the crowd rocking and the music jumping all night.

Hip Hop Pary rocker 1
Hip Hop early session
Hip hop early session 2
Hip Hop Club bangers
Dirty south Hits
Hip hop throw backs
Hip hop throw backs 2
Dance music
Dance music Hard beats
Dance music Radio hits
Reggae party rocker 1
Reggae party rocker 2
Reggae Old school

One thing i do is, I make actual folders inside my laptops HD. I can switch to any dj software and it will read it and i never have to worry about a data base error. All my folders are always there.

Posté Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 8:18 pm
When Creating "Virtual Folders "in VDJ, does this just create somewhat of a "Playlist/Crate" as a shortcut to the music you want to play, or does it
make another "Copy" and take up space somewhere on your computers disk? I assume it's just a Virtual Reference but I'm not sure

Posté Mon 29 Nov 10 @ 11:35 pm
jpboggisPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2005
It's just a virtual reference in the VirtualDJ database and takes up very little space.

Posté Tue 30 Nov 10 @ 12:22 pm