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Sujet Numark Mixtrack Pro/Virtual DJ LE; no sound through laptop??? Bumming me out..... - Page: 1
Hello everybody, everybody hello!!

I've just received Numark Mixtrack Pro, with VDJ LE. Connected and installed the device and VDJ LE. All seems to work, but there is no sound coming through my laptop, even though the track I'm playing is clearly playing. There is no sound at all, even through itunes, when the device is connected. When I disconnected the device, the sound comes back through as regular.

HELP!!! I wanna use this thing soooo much!!!


Posté Sat 04 Dec 10 @ 5:03 am
You must connect your numark to a amp or home stereo. there will be no sound coming out of the computer.

Posté Sat 04 Dec 10 @ 7:42 am
DJ KozPRO InfinityMember since 2007
The Numark Mixtrack Pro has a sound card buit in. When connected to your computer, the controller's sound card is active and all other sound cards stop working.

Posté Sun 05 Dec 10 @ 8:01 am
I had the same problem which I was a little dissapointed with as I dont always want to connect up to my amp/sound system, sometimes want to just mess about with sound from my laptop

There is a way to resolve this though

once you have installed the software and plugged in the controller

If you then go into the control panel, sound and right click on the numark usb sound card (built into the mixtrack pro), you can disable this device, you may need to reset the default sound controller back to your laptop (although this should happen automaticall)

then if you restart the software the sound will come out through your laptop speakers

Works fine for me although yet to be able to resolve this on a mac as I cant find where to disable the numark sound controller

Posté Fri 10 Dec 10 @ 5:49 am
eltgrayHome userMember since 2010
How do you enable the sound card after you have already disabled it? Because i did what you said and now i need it to go back to the way it was.

Posté Tue 28 Dec 10 @ 11:23 pm
If you have Windows 7, 64 bit, and you are in the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Playback, you can right click on the default (Realtek) audio driver and select to "Show disabled devices". Once the 2 - Mixtrack Pro device is visible, you can enable it again.

Posté Sun 15 May 11 @ 10:22 am

Posté Tue 17 May 11 @ 6:43 am
I can't get any sound to come out of my laptop speakers if I use the numark sound card that is in the Numark Mixtrack Pro. Please help.

Posté Tue 27 Sep 11 @ 8:20 pm
Please read the fourth post down....

Good Day

Posté Tue 27 Sep 11 @ 8:36 pm
Does numark mixtrack pro work with pro basic? Dont wana buy it to just find out..

Posté Sun 01 Jan 12 @ 2:51 pm

Posté Sun 01 Jan 12 @ 2:57 pm
Providing you switch sound cards back to the laptop's original soundcard, would the sound come out of the laptop from the USB connection alone?

Posté Fri 06 Jan 12 @ 6:52 pm
VirtualDJ LE is designed to work with the sound card built into the controller only.

Please see:

In the full VirtualDJ Pro, you can use any sound configuration of your own choice. You can upgrade from MixTrack Pro VirtualDJ LE to the full Pro at a considerable discount by going to:

NOTE: You can't output sound via a USB socket. Only to a hardware USB device that has a built-in sound card (E.g: External sound card, controller with built-in sound card, DJ mixer with built-in sound card, etc.)

Posté Sat 07 Jan 12 @ 1:24 pm
So, if I used virtual DJ pro, using the laptop's soundcard and the USB from the controller connected to the laptop, I could control the software with the Mixtrack pro, and have the sound coming out of the laptop? Sorry, I'm not very tech minded.

Posté Mon 09 Jan 12 @ 2:10 pm
In the full Pro, you can do this via advanced sound configuration.

But as already explained above, the most easiest method is to simply connect a cable (2x RCA phono to 3.5" headphone jack) from the master output sockets on the back of the MixTrack Pro to the line/mic input socket of your computer. The sound will then come out of your computer speakers. This will work with both VirtualDJ LE and the full Pro.

Posté Tue 10 Jan 12 @ 4:33 pm
Once plugged into the mic input, will sound come out of the speakers there and then or will I need to change any sound configuration on my computer first?

Posté Sun 22 Jan 12 @ 11:06 am
Providing that the line input is not muted and the volume is not turned down, then yes, it should work. Check in the Windows sound control panel to make sure that it is not muted and the volume level.

Sound settings for the MixTrack Pro must be set to use its own sound card as described on the following page:

Posté Mon 23 Jan 12 @ 5:50 am
hey people. I have a mixtrack pro can someone tell me what sound configuration do i need to be in order to hear the following song that's in deck on my headphones

Posté Wed 25 Jan 12 @ 2:33 pm

Posté Wed 25 Jan 12 @ 2:46 pm
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