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Post here the features you would like to see developed in VirtualDJ in the future.
Sujet Virtual Dj Remote for Android Devices
raidyHome userMember since 2007
i guys when you will make the virtual dj remote for android phones.
now there is a lot of powerfull phone with screen hd that can runs Android, i think could be a nice investment just make it and put it at android marketplace you will sell a lots,

Posté Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 3:41 am
Please search the forums, this has been requested several times now!

Posté Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 3:54 am
raidyHome userMember since 2007
so are virtualdj working on it?

Posté Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 3:59 am
No, there is no Android app being developed by Atomix as far as I am aware.

One of the mods SBDJ is working on an android app, but as he's doing it in his own time it will not be very soon.

As I said, do a search, all the info is contained in other threads.


Posté Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 4:03 am
raidyHome userMember since 2007
ok thanks i hope that it can be realized soon....

Posté Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 4:11 am
I found this post aswell,

dj-in-norway wrote :
might be android apps in the future ;)

So maybe their working with Scott in the background..............either way it'll fly out of the download section!!

Good Day

Posté Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 8:14 am
Locked - discussed and posted several times elsewhere.

Posté Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 11:05 am