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Sujet Genius DJ feature
quote from the website:

"If you have a Premium Membership, you can ask GeniusDJ to recommend and download new songs based on a selection of existing songs, or based on your mixing habits."

okay, so what is this feature and how do you use it? can someone please explain it to me?

there's nothing in the user manual or the forums about it, any help would be appreciated

Posté Thu 10 Feb 11 @ 5:59 pm
Simply click on the GeniusDJ icon and it will show you a list of recommended songs. This will be based on the song that you are currently playing, so as you continue your set, the songs in the list will change (To refresh, click on another folder and then back on GeniusDJ.)

You can also right-click on a folder containing songs and GeniusDJ will show you recommendations based on that folder.

To download to the cache, right-click on a song in the results and choose this option. Or hold down CTRL or SHIFT to select and cache multiple files.

Posté Thu 10 Feb 11 @ 7:10 pm
The GeniusDJ feature is simple to use -

From the left folder panel - when you are logged in to the Membership service - click on the GeniusDJ option and it will give you results on your play history.

From a folder or an individual file - you can right click and choose from the options of - Show Recommendations OR Download (Cache) Recommendations - based on the contents of the folder or the individual file.

Posté Thu 10 Feb 11 @ 7:18 pm
Is there a way to get GeniusDJ recommendations based on the current playing tack?
For me, that would be most natural and best option.

Posté Wed 04 Jul 12 @ 6:04 am
djnpdPRO InfinityMember since 2009
GeniusDJ is not working, anyone else notice this?

Posté Thu 13 Sep 12 @ 4:35 pm
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
djnpd wrote :
GeniusDJ is not working, anyone else notice this?

Netsearch is working for me but GeniusDJ is not. It was before today, showing up in the browser as well.

Posté Thu 13 Sep 12 @ 9:12 pm
HvelezPRO InfinityMember since 2012
I was told by the support team that the genius sever is being worked on and they don't know for how long .
I wonder if vdj 8 version moving soon have something to do with it.

Posté Fri 14 Sep 12 @ 10:19 pm
it says on website that songs are downloaded to top up your current folders.... I cannot see where they save!

Posté Thu 15 Nov 12 @ 7:39 pm
What Genius DJ icon? There isn't one in my file folder list. Running 7.4 Pro

Posté Sun 24 Nov 13 @ 10:30 pm
how do i get genius i cant find it

Posté Wed 03 Dec 14 @ 2:18 pm
You mean LiveFeedBack?

I often have a giggle when I'm playing say Trance music, then a Def Leppard tune pops up as a suggestion.

Posté Sat 06 Dec 14 @ 1:43 am
Membuat dan me mixing suatu musik EDM adalah salah satu cara yang membuat hati gue tenang. Karena bagi gue musik adalah salah satu musik yang bisa membangkitkan semangat saat mendengarkan dan menghayati lagu nya

Posté Thu 11 Aug 16 @ 1:02 am
DrexaHome userMember since 2016
its still not working

Posté Fri 06 Jan 17 @ 3:50 pm
Bhai virtual dj free me Android download kaise karte hai

Posté Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 5:17 am
I would like to ask as well is there a setting to show only local files within genius dj searches?

Posté Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 5:02 am
how to download or play songs in genius dj

Posté Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 5:07 pm
Genius DJ only suggests songs, it doesn't provide them for you.

Posté Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 6:00 pm
genius dj is an excellent feature especially if you have comprehensive music collection spanning 50 years and have regular updates from a medium such as prom only keep up the good work !!

Posté Wed 20 Mar 19 @ 6:10 am
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