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smoezHome userMember since 2011

I currently have Virutal Dj HOME edition and really enjoy it. However I found the lack of effects and samples to be disappointing, so when I found out that you could download effects and samples for free I was very excited. So when I went to download one of the samples it said, 'Your current licenses do not allow you to download Effects' and so I realized you must have to purchase a copy of Virtual Dj to download these. However, I have recently been looking at a new kind of controller, the Mixtrack Pro to be exact and I've seen that it includes a Copy of 'Virtual DJ LE' or light edition. I've seen the comparison chart between all of the different versions of virtual DJ.

Which brings me to my question, what do the Virtual DJ LE Liscenses allow you to do. For example, does it let you download any effect/sample from the website or? Other than experiancing the controller it comes with right-away does it allow me to download effects or skins from the download center?

My decision of wheather to buy the Mixtrack depends on this so :S

Thank you :D

Posté Tue 01 Mar 11 @ 9:40 pm
While VirtualDJ LE will allow effects, skins and samples to be downloaded, VirtualDJ LE itself is limited software and does not support using custom skins, effects, etc. and does not support loading/saving samples.

You could use the downloaded effects, skins, etc. with VirtualDJ Home FREE, but Home FREE does not support the use of MIDI controllers such as the MixTrack Pro, except for 10 minutes at a time as a trial of the full VirtualDJ Professional. Home FREE is also for non-commercial use only - It cannot be used at DJ gigs where you are being paid.

If you wish to use custom skins, etffects, etc. AND a MIDI controller such as the MixTrack Pro, then you will need the full VirtualDJ Professional: - You can upgrade from the VirtualDJ LE that comes with the MixTrack Pro to the full VirtualDJ Professional at a discount ($149 instead of the full price of $299.)

Alternatively, if you only want to mix with your mouse and keyboard (No MIDI controller), you could purchase either VirtualDJ Broadcaster or VirtualDJ Basic - Both of these allow the download and the use of custom skins, effects and samples.

For further information, please see

Posté Wed 02 Mar 11 @ 6:33 am
smoezHome userMember since 2011
Ok I think I understand. So I would download any effect or sample from the website with my virtual DJ LE liscences but I would only be able to use it in Virtual dj home?

Posté Wed 02 Mar 11 @ 9:02 am
Yes - As above, VIrtualDJ LE does not support the use of custom skins, effects, etc.

However, it does give you Limited Edition User website privileges which allow downloading of skins/effects/samples (These can be used with the included 20 day trial of Pro or with Home FREE (Providing it's not for commercial use.))

NOTE: In Home FREE, you will not be able to use the MIDI controller that VirtualDJ LE came with (Except for the first 10 minutes.)

Posté Wed 02 Mar 11 @ 10:39 am
smoezHome userMember since 2011
Ok thank you!

Posté Wed 02 Mar 11 @ 5:27 pm
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i wanna effects

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jisumHome userMember since 2011
I have virtual DJ pro-7 FREE and have some effects and samplers but my problem associated with scratch effects..i mean, it does not work at all.
It may be false.....or... i can not using it properly.
So. how to use the scratch option in virtual DJ mix pro?
How can i store more effects and sampler in it

Posté Wed 09 Mar 11 @ 6:43 am
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
There is no 'free' version of VirtualDJ Pro 7. The free version of VirtualDJ 7 is VirtualDJ Home 7. VirtualDJ Home does not come with any 'scratch' effects. Neither does VirtualDJ Pro out of the box.

Please allow me to clarify the situation here:

VirtualDJ effects and plugins beyond the supplied ones are available only to users who have registered their licensed copied of VirtualDJ (or Numark Cue) on the forum. Support for those plugins is usually available from the relevant plugin author and the community at large - often by posting in this very subforum.

If you have obtained a plugin from a source other than this site - say a VST or something, then your best chance of support for that plugin is with the plugin author at their site. You're welcome to ask here but there may not be anyone who can help you I'm afraid.

If you have a query regarding samples then please post in a support subforum. A sample is not a plugin and as such questions about samples should be directed to a different subforum - say 'PC Technical Support' or 'Mac Technical Support'.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Since the OP has his answer and these other posts are really off-topic I'm going to lock this one up.

Posté Wed 09 Mar 11 @ 7:13 am