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Auteur - Sujet Cue next track in my headphones -

PRO Infinity
Member since 2011

Posté Wed 06 Apr 11 @ 9:04 pm
Hi Guys,

I am brand new to this, only had my set-up for a few days, when i initially bought my idj3 it came with the virtual dj le. When using that i could cue the next track in my headphones using the cue source button and selecting a/b. Now that i have upgraded to virtual dj pro, i cannot cue anything in my headphones. The cue source a/b button does not do anything. It either cues the next track through my computer speakers, or the desk speakers i have set up through the output on the back. I hope somebody can help and I really hope what i wrote here makes sense.


PRO Infinity
Member since 2011

Posté Wed 06 Apr 11 @ 9:14 pm
Nevermind, i figured it out. It just took a little more tinkering.

Home user
Member since 2008

Posté Tue 03 May 11 @ 8:12 am
What's your settings, I'm having the same problem, I can't hear anything unless I have the cue source set to master, which totally defeats the purpose?

Home user
Member since 2010

Posté Tue 17 May 11 @ 12:10 am
yeah im having the same problem. what was ur solution??