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Sujet How do YOU use 4 decks?
With my new NS6 purchase I've been trying to wrap my head around how to effectively use 4 decks. Currently I'm just using deck 1 and 2 as my mains to mix the music, and deck3 for tones and loops while deck 4 has scratch samples. Is anyone else using clever and inventive ways to utilize these new tools? I'd love to start a discussion on this..

Posté Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 7:07 pm
That's exactly how I do it, lol! Decks 1&2 for my main tracks, deck 3 loaded with my scratch samples and deck 4 is usually play in a drum loop. ..... other times I'll have an accapelle loaded, then I'll juggle between beats on 3&4. I don't get to technical, lol!


Posté Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 8:07 pm
4 deck mixing of tracks should be left to mnml (minimal techno LOL) dj's, as that music leaves space for more sound, Other than that it is used by amatures that can't make 2 decks sound good, and they think if they suck at 2 decks, they will be "pro" using 4. This is a myth perpetrated by traktor marketing videos on youtube... The only way I would use 4 decks is if I have a instrumental track playing with an acapella over the top, and was mixing in a new track but wanted the acapella to cross both tracks for a better mix, the fourth deck would be a scratch sample waiting, or a mic line in if mobile. I would never mix 4 actual songs together unless playing mnml even then I'd probably only use 3 otherwise the sound gets too muddy.

Posté Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 8:14 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

The unhelpful answer here would be to say "grow another set of arms or watch Carl Cox".

Posté Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 8:23 pm
[offtopic]carl cox is a god on three decks, wonder why he never won dj mag no 1...[/offtopic]

Posté Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 8:58 pm
I used four decks one to mix acapella\'s with instrumentals, keeping one instrumental on the background, multiple lyrics on top, than switching instrumentals etc.

I thing I found interesting was the use of the crossfader. I altered the VMS skin so that the crossfaders sides were configurable, so I could rule out certain desks or even move left to right:

Even though it was sometimes kinda.. difficult to keep up with as a starter, it was really handy.

This is my first four deck mix:

Posté Thu 15 Sep 11 @ 3:44 pm
gullumPRO InfinityMember since 2007
I mainly use 2 decks but sometimes I have the beat from one song and the bassline from an other mix it with the melodie of a 3. and vocals from the 4. Or I loop parts of 4 differant songs and mix between them.

Posté Thu 15 Sep 11 @ 7:03 pm
@J, that's what I do with my external mixer. I can select which side the sound comes out of or bypass the crossfader altogether.


Posté Fri 16 Sep 11 @ 11:11 am
I about the same as everyone else posting here too. I've just started using the four decks but only for remixes I've been doing where I've needed a 3rd or 4th deck for samples. I'll usually have a looped beat with vocals on one then use the 3rd deck to move to a different acapella with the same beat (I think someone else already mentioned that style too). It's handy, but normally I only need two decks to work with.

Since I use a turntable with my RMX, sometimes I will mix two songs and have my scratch record on the 3rd in the ready. It definitely takes some practice.

Posté Fri 16 Sep 11 @ 11:19 am
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
4 decks are great for those that are thinking ahead to what they might play next.

So I use 4 decks to stage ahead ... so I am technically still using 2 ... but I always have 2 tracks loaded in wait.

What is specially helpful is when you think you are going to play a track but then you get that "great idea" to play something different so I just load it to the other deck and toggle it in and play it. Or if it doesn't sound right, then I can just toggle back my original idea and play it.

Posté Fri 16 Sep 11 @ 12:53 pm
I only ever use 2 decks with a waitlist. I must be old skool :)


Posté Fri 16 Sep 11 @ 2:15 pm
bogartPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Like Keith, 2 decks with a wait list.

Posté Sat 17 Sep 11 @ 9:02 am
as above, i must not be planning ahead, cause i never use 4 decks

Posté Sat 17 Sep 11 @ 2:21 pm
"Ditto" on above three posts.

Posté Mon 19 Sep 11 @ 9:11 pm