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Sujet Traktor Audio 6 Channel B issue

I've looked on the AND Native Instruments forums and threads for any idea about why this is happening, but I recently purchased a Native Instruments Tracktor Audio 6 after owning an Audio 8DJ and 4DJ.

Here's the problem - Channel B (only) plays distorted, almost like in mono mode. I have installed the latest drivers, and have used an Audio4DJ for a long time now without a single issue.

Channel A and Main Channel are great. I've used Advanced Configuration to set up the decks, timecodes, sampler and record channels. It records great, the samples come out perfectly, channel A sounds better on this than on the Audio4DJ, but the issue comes with Channel B.

I've looked, and the closest thing I've read is people with latency issues. Before I give up on this, would my latency issues have anything to do with playing only one specific channel distorted? It's not like it goes back and forth between channels randomly or every time I restart the software, it's consistently Channel B....

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Windows 7
Dual Code 2.0 Processor
Plenty of HDD space
Latency is as low as 16

Again, I pop the Audio4DJ in and it plays seamlessly, sometimes while I do stuff in the background. No drops, clicks, nothing.

Posté Tue 18 Oct 11 @ 7:32 am
Much respect to ACW-DJ for the help

FYI the best audio card you can have is an Echo AudioFire4 or any from this brand and model.

The latency settings should be more than 256ms or 512 samples. Try using 1024 and go down until you hear the sound problem.

The sample rate should be 44.1KHz to ensure full compatibility and all audio channels should use the same bits (16, 24 or 32 but all the same. 16 is the must stable one but 24 works almost all times).

That's what you can do to solve this problem.

Kind regards,

VirtualDJ Support Team

Posté Thu 20 Oct 11 @ 7:03 am
Back to the drawing board, still get issues, drops and pops, but now it happens with my Audio 4 also that has worked seamlessly for months. Tried it on my desktop, it was all good to go

Posté Mon 24 Oct 11 @ 5:51 am