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Professional edition user
Posté Fri 04 Nov 11 @ 10:24 am
I have Windows 7, Virtual Dj 7.0.5 Pro Full. I also just bought the "Stanton SCS.4DJ". Virtual Dj does not support this turntable/mixer. I need help in syncing them two together if possible. If I need new drivers, extra drivers or new drivers, then I need some help in finding out how to do that. My VDJ and SCS.4DJ is current and up to date with all the updates.
I have a show/gig to do in less then 10 days and I need to get this up and running properly.
Please either send me a message on here or at
Thanks for reading all and look forward in fixing this problem.


Atomix Productions
Posté Fri 04 Nov 11 @ 12:16 pm
Why would you buy a unit that is not supported by VirtualDJ (yet) when you have a gig in such a short period of time ?????

Makes no sense, when there are plenty of great alternatives out there ....

But to your question -- you can use the SimpleMIDIWrapper interface and get the basics - controller to software - setup. This is can be done with using the MIDI Learn features in VirtualDJ.

Alternatively, if you have the time and documentation on the unit - you can build a proper definition file so that you can map both INPUT (Jogs, Sliders, etc) and OUTPUT (LEDs) features of the unit.

And you can also do this by trying the controller definition builder supplied by Chackl -


Professional edition user
Posté Sat 05 Nov 11 @ 4:25 am
propably he bought it coz stanton said that its compatible n can work as a midi cont. with vdj...i have the same problem also...contacted stanton n they r saying that they r workin on it...dont know who to believe n what to expect anymore...
hope there is gonna b a solution soon coz its a pitty such a good software not to b mapped with scs4dj..thanx alex


Ultra-VIP Member
Posté Sat 05 Nov 11 @ 7:55 am
why not do as cstoll suggested and use chackls tool, it has made defining a controller incredibly easy, all you have to do is move the knob/slider/button then give it a name, choose a deck it works on and add it to your definition, if there is a led attached to a button just press the button and select led instead of button... It took me about 20mins to create a full definition file including leds for an mpk mini...

the most likely reason it's not supported by vdj is that stanton havn't provided one to the atomix to map, but the beauty of vdj is that they provide you with all the code you need to do it, its only you stopping you from having it, and as stated there is always simple midi if you can live without leds. for that all you do is go into the mapper, select key learn, move a slider/knob/button, then hit action learn, press something on the skin then add a deck designation in front of the action

eg. if you action learn play, it will just say "play" in the action box. You need to designate it to a deck by using "deck left play" or "deck right play"

you will also notice that a few other options come up related to the command you have and an explination if you click on it.
eg. play_pause, play_stop, play_stutter



Atomix Productions
Posté Sat 05 Nov 11 @ 8:09 am
aliosa72 wrote :
propably he bought it coz stanton said that its compatible n can work as a midi cont. with vdj...i have the same problem also...contacted stanton n they r saying that they r workin on it...dont know who to believe n what to expect anymore...
hope there is gonna b a solution soon coz its a pitty such a good software not to b mapped with scs4dj..thanx alex

Ok ... nothing in the official Stanton documentation says it works with VirtualDJ. It does say "Use the controls on SCS.4DJ to control DJ software (MIDI controller mode)" - which is true. Since the controller can do MIDI is could work with DJ Softwares on the market.

You then contradict yourself in that you say Stanton says "that they r workin on it" - Which they are. They are in the process of sending VirtualDJ the controller and documentation. But until that happens - there is nothing we can do to bring support to the unit.

But as I suggested - you the users can use the SimpleMIDIWrapper and get functionality out of it in the meantime.

As for "a pitty such a good software not to b mapped" -- well, you will hear this time and time again, If the vendors can not get us the units before they produce them, then the direct support from VirtualDJ will always be behind the curve. So, when its not supported on Day 1 - you should look to the manufacture first for 'Why' there is no support.


Experienced pro user
Posté Sun 06 Nov 11 @ 11:10 am
The daft thing is that the whole idea of the SCS.4DJ is that it's a standalone solution that doesn't require use of a computer...

It has it's own onboard operating system and a screen, so there's no need to use it as a controller at all.

People do the funniest things!


Professional edition user
Posté Mon 28 Nov 11 @ 9:09 am
my dear cstoll...didnt mean to offent vdj and atomix....excuse my english,just incase u missunderstood...i didnt blame vdj crew for the fact of not mapping...i blamed stanton for not being as clear as u..


Ultra-VIP Member
Posté Mon 28 Nov 11 @ 9:49 am
A NEW firmware 2.0 is out and it fix some midi problem with the Jogs, whereas the mapper for Traktor is already out I guess it will soon work with VirtualDJ also ;)


Atomix Productions
Posté Mon 28 Nov 11 @ 10:01 am


No license user
Posté Mon 26 Nov 12 @ 12:15 pm
PLEASE HELP! I recently bought stanton 4dj off a friend and everything turns on fine, but when i plug it into speakers or headphones i get no output. I dont have the original ac adaptor but it is still a 2 amp and everything else works. Does anybody have any advice????


No license user
Posté Tue 03 Sep 13 @ 11:37 am
Does anybody know how to frame search with the stanton scs dj4 when you Use it as a stand allone
Posté Tue 03 Sep 13 @ 1:04 pm
The SCS.4DJ does not support frame search.

You can reference the manual -

Or, visit the Stanton forums for more information on stand-alone operations -

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