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Sujet Numark mix deck & vdj 7 pro EFX /button /map /reassign /question...
k4eezLE userMember since 2008
hello, I kinda new at this and need an Elmer's help or mapper vdj buff,
I am trying to reassign a button "TAP" on the mixdeck to switch on/off the beatgrid, I thought it would be something like:

<button TAP>

I have managed to reassign most useful buttons like the hot cues are now loop as follows:

<button hot cue 1 is now>
loop 4

<button hot cue 2 is now>
loop 8

<button hot cue 3 is now>
loop 16

<button pitchbend - is now>
seek -4

<button pitchbend + is now>
seek +4

<button Scratch is now>
I own 2 DJ consoles the Hercules Mk 4 and the Numark mix deck and I really like the way the Mk 4 is set up as you can have all the effects on or off at any time via hitting any one of the 4 buttons and hit shift and now you have the same buttons but it reassigned to beet loops EG you can have flanger+beatgrid+4beat loop all at the same time
but, I just cant figure out how to reassign the TAP button on the Numark mixdeck so no matter what effect your on, you hit the tap and the beatgrid is activated, and hit Tap again and its de-activated, but also want it to have any other effect via the FX select on just like the Mk 4, eg
flanger and then hit tap and the beatgrid+flanger is on, hit Fx again and flanger is off, hit Tap again and beat grid is off, so no matter what effect you hit you can have both efx on at any time. EG: beatgrid+echo or beatgrid+flanger or beatgrid+double beat, or
beatgrid and vocal filter, beatgrid + whatever fx, but mainly control the beatgrid via the tap key+whatever other efx at the same time.
if you like to copy the code above, just don't configure it without anything in the <> goto config window and mapping, then for eg select the button <scratch> then resign it to Sync via the left window, you will have to type it in then hit OK and give it a go.

thank you for any help

Posté Thu 24 Nov 11 @ 2:24 pm
Not sure I follow you on what you want, but this will activate both the effect you have selected in slot 1 and load and activate beatgrid in slot 2. If you already have the first slot activated it will only activate beatgrid, this way you can manually select the effect you want paired with beatgrid, and use the one button to activate them both, then if both effect 1 and 2 are active you will turn them both off on the next press...

Is that what you were after? the downside is you can't have the beatgrid running on its own using the button

effect 1 active on ? effect 2 active on ? effect 1 active off & effect 2 active off : effect 2 select "beatgrid" & effect 2 active on : effect 1 active on & effect 2 select "beatgrid" & effect 2 active on

Posté Thu 24 Nov 11 @ 3:02 pm
k4eezLE userMember since 2008
hi tnx for the reply,
after reading all this, this sounds really like a complex question but really its not ,kinda :o)
what I am looking for, is a way to turn the beat grid on and off via hitting the TAP button (by it self) AND also still use the FX/select to select any one of the FX Without the beat grid quitting any other EFX that i switch to.
so for EG: hit FX button to ADD EfX like flanger or echo or filter or double flip, But still run the beat grid with any other EfX running, so i can use multiple EfX or stack the EfX like the Hercules DJ Mk 4 console can.
not to get off topic but, on the Mk 4, there are 4 buttons that are assigned to:
Button 1= Flanger, button 2= Beatgrid, button 3= Double beat, 4 Echo
all are independent from each other, so you can mix up the EfX in any combo at any time without anyone EfX dropping out while playing the tunes
look at 5:30 ish on this video demo:
he pushes the EfX buttons independently and then he starts to Stack the EfX on top of each other without any of the EFX dropping out
thats what i am trying to accomplish with the numark mixdeck via reassigning some of the EfX buttons i guess this is known as
EfX stacking.

I will check back at this post tommra m8 and again tnx for the reply :o)

Posté Fri 25 Nov 11 @ 1:27 am
thats easy, if you want to do it the proper way, just load them into different effect slots, it doesn't matter if you can't see them on a skin you can still assign different effects to each slot.. I recommend keeping slot 1 free so you can select any effect on the skin and activate it with the 1st button

Button 1= effect 1 active
button 2= effect 2 select 'Beatgrid' & effect 2 active
button 3= effect 3 select 'flippindouble' & effect 3 active
button 4= effect 4 select 'echo' & effect 4 active

if you want button 1 to just be flanger use this instead
button 1= effect 1 select 'flanger' & effect 1 active

Ideally you want to map the leds to

led 1= effect 1 active ? on : off
led 2= effect 'Beatgrid' active ? on : off
led 3= effect 'flippindouble' active ? on : off
led 4= effect 'echo' active ? on : off

when you register your version of pro you can also download different skins with more effect slots to show what is loaded

Posté Fri 25 Nov 11 @ 4:50 am
k4eezLE userMember since 2008
OK tnx for that big help Guy :o) but now I have discovered a new issue with the mix deck
every-time I unplug the (USB Cable) to/from the mix deck from the computer, and then say a day later I go back to computer, and hook the mix deck back up as per norm and start VDJ, all the buttons that I had re-assigned are returned to there default settings Why is this ? ? ?
However with the Hercules Mk4, the setting stay the same unplugged or plugged in over time as i have remapped the 4th button to Echo instead of the default which is overlap, with numerous restarts to the O/S and no change to the midi map it all stays there perfectly
why is the mix deck being so awkward ?
also, is there a way to import/export or save the con-fig midi map to VDJ so if all Else fails, i can just load the midi map that i have saved instead of going in to the midi map con-fig and farting around to reassign each mapped button ?
its becoming very tedious

thanks again for any help

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