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Sujet VirtualDJ 8 MULTI FX 2 Decks - Page: 2
That's one of the limitations of being a home user or using cracked software.

Posté Mon 28 Aug 17 @ 2:58 pm
Well You could make it available for everyone. It's only down to VDJ's choices afterall.
Thank you anyway.

Posté Mon 28 Aug 17 @ 3:02 pm
hiroschPRO InfinityMember since 2013
hi nice skin love it !

wait for the 4 player skin and i hope a buttom for the miro switch on/off ;-)



Posté Wed 04 Apr 18 @ 8:06 pm
Whenever I click the show fx buttons on top of the deck, the software crashes. any help on how to fix that?

Posté Thu 04 Jul 19 @ 11:11 pm
It doesn't happen to me. More details required.

What FX have you got loaded in the slots?

Posté Fri 05 Jul 19 @ 4:22 pm
DDappaControlleristMember since 2016
Hello - Late to the party... But I love this skin. Although... I'm wanting to use it with VDJ2021 and there isn't an on screen option to change the hot cue buttons to stems... Or is there some way to do that? Thanks.

Posté Tue 07 Dec 21 @ 2:23 pm