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technzPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Discussion about Traktor Kontrol S2

it should work on mac and windows as is, however has only been tested with Windows 7 and therefore may not necessarily work properly or work at all on other operating systems.

this mapper requires a few minor changes to the default MIDI layout.
these changes are as follows:
the modes for the all the buttons need to be changed to trigger, this allows VDJ to control the LED's properly.

you can either set the S2 to start in MIDI mode in the preferences of the controller editor, or you can enter MIDI mode by pressing both shift buttons at the same time, when in MIDI mode both shift buttons will remain dimly lit.

this mapper used the PID of the version 25 firmware and may not work with other firmware versions.

the tool to update your S2 to the latest firmware can be found on the following page.

not working on a firmware version greater than 25?
let me know and i will modify the mapper to make it work.

Posté Fri 08 Aug 14 @ 5:11 pm
0rafa0PRO InfinityMember since 2012
its not working with vdj 8! nothing!

Posté Sun 05 Apr 15 @ 1:32 am