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filous_64 wrote :
Thanks for this optimizer. In my case, all the "Stopping Stuff that makes your PC look nice..." gives problem in video. So I edit the file and removes these functions.

rem Stopping Stuff that makes your PC look nice...
net stop themes /yes
net stop sensrsvc /yes
net stop AeLookupSvc /yes
net stop UxSms /yes

Thanks a lot

I did not install the PC Optimizer Add-On but I followed your list of services to shut off what makes our PC's "look nice." And I have to say that the performance of my computer skyrocketed. It is so much faster now and amazing. The only problem I have now in Virtual DJ is with video. It tends to flicker every so often. More often than I would like it to. I know you mentioned it on your post. Have you found any way around this problem and what may be causing it? I would truly hate to start those services back up again, but I guess I will have to in order to stop the flickering videos. Thanks for your original input and all future help.

Posté Tue 12 Apr 16 @ 1:59 pm
Hello Virtual dj (8.1) freaks, fans and users.
Maybe someone can make a script/tool that we can use for windows 10.

Maybe a version where u can select the settings.

Greetings from Netherlands.

Posté Thu 26 May 16 @ 9:07 pm
kiriliPRO InfinityMember since 2012
i think we need to start looking in to win 10 and 8 PC Optimizer... ?!

Posté Tue 26 Jul 16 @ 5:44 am
kirili wrote :
i think we need to start looking in to win 10 and 8 PC Optimizer... ?!


Posté Wed 21 Sep 16 @ 4:01 am
I wrote it for me, working on win7,8,8.1 and 10. Except for Windows Defender (which you can't stop as service the normal way) it is funcional. You can delete entrys from the list and add your own and it should work too. I ask SuperAceMan for his permission using his list of services and processes and add some new ones.
For now it is only in German, but i'm on the way of localizing the few necessary things.
You need .Net-Framework 4.5.2 minimum if you want to start it. After starting it searches for the service/process and if it exists and is running, it's state will be red. Dark green when it is not running and yellowgreen if it doesn't exist. Also you can save different configurations e.g. for Audio only, or video.

Posté Tue 04 Oct 16 @ 3:03 pm
AdvokutPRO InfinityMember since 2010
where can that be found?

Posté Fri 14 Oct 16 @ 6:46 am
Not now. But you can send me a PM and i would send you a Link for testing it (it's still in alpha-state). Localization is not tested and first I want to send it to SAM. The french translation is horrible, I think (Microsoft automatic translation!)

Posté Fri 14 Oct 16 @ 8:22 am
not that I wanted to bump this but i'm bumping this?

just to see if there's any news. no rush

Posté Thu 01 Dec 16 @ 4:28 am
After Feedback from SAM, i have had uploaded it to Atomix. Now it's in proofing-process. Don't know if and when it will be public.

Posté Mon 12 Dec 16 @ 8:28 am
Any news of the new version? Thanks

Posté Mon 19 Dec 16 @ 8:57 pm

Posté Tue 20 Dec 16 @ 7:00 am

Posté Fri 20 Jan 17 @ 8:32 am
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