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Sujet Problems with multiple sound cards or controller and second card

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mxkiwiPRO InfinityMember since 2012
I have been trialling VDJ 8.2 in various situations most have been problem free, however, I have one example which is in a club with two 65” Screens and a 32” Monitor for visuals and feeding into the house PA for audio.
My rig is
HP Envy DV6 with
Intel i7 2.4GHz Processor
8GB Ram
NVidea 630M Graphics with 2GB Ram
Traktor Audio2 Sound Card
Stanton DJC-4 Controller
1 TB External HDD
I am outputting video via HDMI from the onboard Intel Graphics card which is also running VDJ because the NVidea card only sends the output via VGA as far as I can tell. Distribution of the HDMI output is through a powered splitter.
I have no apparent issue with video but audio suffers interruptions and therefore the singer has issues because the backup music stutters and has gaps or pauses.
The only stable platform I have managed to get is using master out only on WASAPI via DJC-4.
Which is the one solution I'm not fussed about.
ASIO has crackles.
Which limits me to only be able to visibly cue as no headphones.
So I'm left with use controller and one output.
Or use Traktor sound card and forgo controller.
Neither option appeals in a professional workspace.

Posté Wed 22 Jun 16 @ 4:10 am

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