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Sujet compatibility database vdj7 and vdj8

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When vdj8 came i switched; no problems there. I have all my music in disc D. Whether i opened 7 or 8 both used to recognize all tracks including my extra remarks and/or changes in title or name.
A couple of weeks ago however 8 "lost" all these changes and couldn't find them. E.g. i changed the artist Modjo to MODJO and added some exclamation marks in the title. Now 8 is unable to find it and only shows
The strangest thing is that if 7 uses the same disc "D", there is absolutely no problem at all.
What to do now because i prefer to play with 8 obviously and i can't imagine i am the only one experiencing these kind of issues. How is it possible you guys made this mistake ?

Posté Sat 02 Jul 16 @ 8:50 am
There are no issues with compatibility.

7 & 8 use separate databases from the point 8 is installed, however there is a setting "importV7Databases" If set to yes (default setting) then VirtualDj 8.1 will prompt you if you want to import the V7 database every time it detects that your V7 database is newer than your V8 database by a week.

It's always messy having two versions installed and using both of them as both databases then need updated separately.

If you changed anything EXTERNALLY then you will need to rescan the tags for the changes to be reflected in the databases.

Posté Sat 02 Jul 16 @ 10:19 am
eurostudxl wrote :
i changed the artist Modjo to MODJO and added some exclamation marks

HOW did you make those changes? From inside VDJ, or did you use some tag editing software?

Both VDJ 7 and 8 have their own databases. If you change some data from within VDJ 8, that change will not be visible in VDJ 7 - and vice versa.

If you change data from outside VDJ, then neither 7 or 8 will see the change unless you update each database by reimporting the track(s).

EDIT - Keith beat me to it!

Posté Sat 02 Jul 16 @ 10:24 am

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