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Sujet New audioOnlyVisualization bug

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rant first :) Of course difficult to tell what is planned behavior and what is a bug with AOV since the whole implementation is a bug using common sense as a measure. You continue to mess around with AOV for 2 years now because you refuse to do the really simple thing and fix it for real but maybe you don't know how... You spend a lot more time I am sure breaking it and then fixing it because your implementation of it could not be more lame. That is, sharing it with deck / master slots, duh.

Some time late in 8.1 you changed the behavior of how AOVs are loaded. It is now impossible to predict what will become the AOV but never mind that. Apparently when this was changed, you introduced another AOV bug although probably minor compared to the history of bugs with AOV.

Here is the bug or god only knows it could even be planned behavior lol.

No video on either deck starting fresh.

1) Chose something as the AOV.
2) Have it selected on some deck and on the master.
3) Bring up the UI on master.
4) activate the AOV by clicking on the deck slot activate button
5) now the AOV is active on master as expected. It is also active on the deck

NOTE: you must bring up the UI for the AOV on the master for the bug to occur. When I tested it I had the AOV pre-selected on the master and some deck and then restarted VDJ.

If you did not bring up the UI for it on master, then it would do as normal which of course is not normal :) So now say the AOV is still selected on master and on some deck but you did not bring up the UI for it on master. Now click on deck instance to activate it. The deck AOV disappears and gets unloaded and the master is active which is the way it is suppose to be in your crazy implementation. If your bring up the UI for the deck instance, and not the master, and then click the deck instance to active, the deck instance also disappears like 'normal' :)

Posté Sat 02 Jul 16 @ 12:11 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
It's what I've being saying all along Don about those blank decks, it was ok in v7 and previous versions to show a visual when playing audio only, who ever thought of doing it the new way if it was deliberate wants there ass kicking, if it is because the software is inadequate it should have been scrapped as a none goer before the release of v8 and something else should have been designed.

As someone who uses videos at his shows these working windows are essential, if I was someone that was looking at investing in a dj software with video capabilities I'm afraid VDJ would not be the programme of choice unfortunately as it stands today.

As a side note, luckily Scott and Dan have given me a "half" substitute for those empty monitor screens. All I need now is the Karaoke slide out sorted and I will after all these years of not using v8 at a gig I will probably end up ditching v7.

Posté Sat 02 Jul 16 @ 12:29 pm
Your issue is different tayla I think. This is not about blank decks. It is about poor behavior with the sloppy kindergarten AOV implementation. AOVs run amok causing unusual and unexpected behavior. This bad behavior could not occur in 7.

Posté Sat 02 Jul 16 @ 12:31 pm
Note that if you bring up the UI for the deck first and then bring up the UI for the master, and then click deck to activate, the deck instance disappears 'normally'. craziness

Posté Sat 02 Jul 16 @ 1:59 pm

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