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Sujet Is Remote working with Android out of wi-fi by using internet connection instead?

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Hi, I use VDJ8 mainly for broadcasting. And sometimes my radio server experiences a broadcast error or a disconnection. It looks that VDJ isn't able to restart the broadcasting automatically, so if I'm not by the laptop from which I broadcast with VDJ, there might be a long time of no-radio signal before I get back to the laptop and restart the broadcasting manually. Is there an option to control VDJ from my Android, so that I can restart the broadcast manually by using my smartphone when I'm out and see that the radio broadcast is down? Thank you for your assistance.

Posté Tue 05 Jul 16 @ 2:46 pm
You can use Splashtop (or a similar remote access client) to access your PC from the tablet and see whatever is on the screen, therefore you will have full control of VDJ. The remote app itself doesn't offer this type of functionality.

Posté Tue 05 Jul 16 @ 3:38 pm

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