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Sujet Possible bug with favorites?
sonicgtPRO InfinityMember since 2013
So I have my music stored some layers deep and use the favorite feature to easily add the main folder for music and videos to the root. After upgrading my old favorites were gone. I only have 2 so wasn't too bad to create new ones.
I had to first show the root element of my computer which I normally hide. Then I added the favorites, and re-hid the my computer. Gone, so showed my computer again and they were not there still. Recreated, and accidently did a wrong folder, so right click and chose delete from favorites, it wouldn't go away. So hid the my computer again, all gone. Added my computer again still gone so recreated my 2 favorites again.
Seems like favorites are not sticking

Posté Wed 06 Jul 16 @ 12:39 am