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Sujet VDJ8 Questions (upgrading from 7)

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djron91PRO InfinityMember since 2007
I am trying to upgrade from 7 to 8 and have hit a few snags.

1. The video output from Virtual DJ 8 is working differently than in VDJ 7. I use VDJ server with Grand VJ as client. In 7, I would start VDJ, syphon server and then Grand VJ. The VDJ output would be going then when I went full screen with GRand VJ it would be on top of the VDJ output. No matter which program I clicked on, the GrandVJ output would always be on top.

In 8, I've been experimenting with the videoWindowAlwaysOnTop. These are my results.

If set to Yes, clicking on VDJ shows that output. Clicking on GrandVJ shows the GrandVJ output. Clicking on the desktop or other program keeps whichever one that is clicked last going.

If set to No, clicking on VDJ shows that output. If I start another program running, that takes control of the video screen. If I click the desktop, it goes blank. Once I start GrandVJ, it jumps on top. When I switch back to Virtual DJ, it jumps back on top. At this point if I click on the desktop, it shows GrandVJ. If I click on GrandVJ, it shows GrandVJ. If I click on VDJ, it jumps back to VDJ.

Is there some setting that I am missing, to make the experience of 8 match the experience of 7?

2. Skins - maximized. I would like it to show the skin in a sized window - so that I can click between windows easily. The tool bar disappears when I click on Virtual DJ. I have it set to 0 - because that is the closest to what I am looking for.

3. Videos seem to be more jerky in 8 than they were in 7. Are they any settings I should check for that?

Thank you so much for your help.

Posté Wed 06 Jul 16 @ 2:15 am

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