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Sujet Ask The DJ
Will their b a App for Ask the DJ so the guest do not need to type in a URL

Posté Mon 25 Jul 16 @ 1:31 pm
can i connect hercules air s dj controller to the latest virtual dj 8.2. coz im thinking to buy that controller

Posté Mon 25 Jul 16 @ 3:37 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
pumpitentertainment wrote :
Will their b a App for Ask the DJ so the guest do not need to type in a URL

Not a plan, but you can use QR code and have your clients/audience scan your AskTheDJ url

DJShivampro wrote :
can i connect hercules air s dj controller to the latest virtual dj 8.2. coz im thinking to buy that controller

This topic is about the AskTheDJ feature of VirtualDJ, not a generic one to Ask A DJ :) so please open a new topic with your question, or search for a relative one to post. Short answer : Yes, but you will need to purchase a License of VirtualDJ.

Posté Mon 25 Jul 16 @ 4:03 pm
I love most of the features of askthedj. I am curious when I setup a venue why the music is not filtered into an "askthedj" subfolder based on the venue it is requested from. This would allow me to put out to the client the option to request songs ahead of the event and I could prep my playlists and get a feel for the audience prior to the evening of the event.

Thank you.

Posté Thu 02 Feb 17 @ 10:31 pm
That's a cool idea. Thanks for bringing it up I never used the Ask The DJ feature before and just tried it and it seems pretty nice. Question: Have you (or any mobile or club DJ's reading this) had any problems with negative comments in there. Wise guys/gals?

Posté Fri 03 Feb 17 @ 8:33 pm
Not yet. However, I would imagine my response would be to simply delete the message. 1) it's not public and 2) it doesn't really impact me in he sense that I am going to spend time to talk with them about the outcomes of their actions (I'm a social worker by day, so that would be the normal response that I would have)...

Posté Sat 04 Feb 17 @ 1:52 am
Good day my fellow djs,can any one tell me how to set a scratch settings on vdj 8,because i used cdj 400 but the scratching sound was bad...

This post is totally irrelevant to the topic of this thread. Please do not hijack other peoples topic, start your own. Thank you, AMAHM

Posté Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 9:13 am
As for being able to get the request before hand, this feature is location based, so you have to be at the location. You could have your home as one of your locations, and have the request show up there. As for the idiots sending rude messages, at my club you have to tip me a minimum $10.00 to insult me. I even had a manager send me some stupid message (I don't get along with ANY of the managers). From that moment on, minimum $10.00 tip to talk to me. Most of my clients at the club still find it easier to give me the money, because they don't have/or like PayPal.

Posté Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 9:29 pm
yeah i think the paypal feature is a bit useless, aint there another ways to do it??? the less complicated the better i think ...

Posté Wed 23 Aug 17 @ 4:26 pm
It would be really great to be able have multiple venues live at the same time and the requests filtered by venue

It would also be great if you could set how long to save the requests for, and if you not online for then to be ques until you log in, this would enable you to advertise the URL in advance

Posté Wed 23 Aug 17 @ 6:05 pm
i couldn't log into my virtual dj 8. when i log in, it shows the log in page again that i need to log in. and any time i open it it will download saying the virtual dj has been updated. if i want to use the new one. even if i say yes, it will still refuse to log me in

Posté Thu 24 Aug 17 @ 3:51 pm