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Sujet Songs Not Fading

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Hi all,

I'm attempting to play 90 x 12 second song clips in a random order, using the 'shuffle' feature of Autoplay.

No problems doing that, except that all of the clips fade in and out, and do so properly if I use iTunes, for example.
When I put them through VirtualDJ, the software seems to be normalising the volume so there's no fade, making it sound much worse?

Is this a feature? If so, can I turn it off?


Posté Thu 28 Jul 16 @ 10:32 am
Check your automix settings. I have had luck with all the auto mix types that fade. I never much liked the smart selection; it seemed to do to me what you are describing. Then you can select the automix lengths. Try all the types and lengths to see what works best for your situation.

Posté Thu 28 Jul 16 @ 6:32 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Those 12 secs tracks are made/recorded having Fade In at start and Fade Out at the end ?
If that is so, then using Automix in any kind of "Fade" type will get the tracks fading more of course.
Perhaps your only chance is to use the Back to Back Automix type (no blending)

Posté Thu 28 Jul 16 @ 6:41 pm

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