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Sujet American Audio 14MXR & Virtual DJ 7 LE
Hi everyone
I have a problem and questions at the same time. I have "mixer America Audio MXR14", I'm using touch "virtual DJ7LE", the problem is that left channel (2) potentiometer "gain"I got set for little over a minute and this channel plays loud but right channel (3)"gain"I got set on max and this channel is not as loud as a left channel (2). This also is same with "virtual DJ", sometimes right channel potentiometer"gain" does not coincides with"mixer" it looks like I'm confused during play and I need to move on the mixer to synchronize with the laptop. Stupid thing as this is making problem when I'm playing because "master" is saving on " mixer" so the right channel would play same as a left one, because this is version"7LE" I don't have any configuration settings

Posté Mon 20 Mar 17 @ 6:16 am
i dj with the 14MXR but i have vdj 8 and no problems. i used to have alot of problems with Version 7...why not upgrade to 8 ?

Posté Tue 21 Mar 17 @ 12:41 am