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Sujet American Audio VMS5

Posté Tue 16 May 17 @ 12:16 pm

I recently bought a VMS5 and received it yesterday. I installed the ASIO Drivers and the Virtual DJ LE bundled with the VMS5 on my HTPC desktop running Windows 10 Pro.

At first I encountered some issues with USB resources, I connected the VMS5 on an USB hub and it seems it doesn't like that, telling it has not enough resources.
So I'll advise other customers to connect it directly on a desktop/laptop USB port, this way you avoid such issues.

Then it was really complex to map the correct decks with corresponding channels, but I succeeded after half an hour.

I encountered another issue, all the 4 channels mixer and gain don't have any effect, when I turn it on the VMS5 it turns equally on the virtual DJ but with no effect.
Could you please tell me how to solve that ?

I also choosed the VMS5 because of its ability to mix USB and analog channels, I plan to use it with 2 USB channels and 2 turntables.
The 2 inputs with phono level are assigned to midlogs 2 and 3 and by default the A and B decks are also assigned to midlogs 2 and 3 channels, could you please explain how can I assign those A & B decks to midlogs 1 and 4 ?

I connected my smartphone to play trough the channel 4 and it worked but at a very low level.
Would it be possible to monitor the peak levels and sound graphs of analog inputs on the Virtual DJ ? During my tests it doesn't worked.

During my tests I tried to switch to the soundcard of my desktop, but it didn't work, I had at first error messages, and when I tried again the software told me I need an analog mixer license.

And about the licenses, could you please enumarate exactly wich functions could be unlocked with the Virtual DJ Plus license ?
I will use it for personal purpose, for my pleasure and to give the opportunity at my 8-year old son to become a great DJ later, who knows :)

Thank you for your help in anvance.

Best regards,


Posté Wed 19 Jul 17 @ 2:42 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
You are posting in the topic of a Skin, so not the best place to do it, since a skin doesnt affect the functionality of a controller or the software itself.

The mixer part of the VMS5 is actually a hardware analog mxer (which can also send MIDI signals to the computer so that you can see the movements of the faders on screen) so it needs to have the speakers connected to the Master Output of the unit....that's the most basic-important info you should know about and probably the reason why the Gains were not working for you.

Please take the time and read the manual and open a new topic in the Hardware/General forums to ask further questions.

Posté Wed 19 Jul 17 @ 8:30 pm
PFMDJControlleristMember since 2017
Love the skin but the deck names don't match the deck names on the controller. For example, Decks "A" and "D" are marked correctly but decks "B" and "C" are in reversed positions ("B" should be bottom left and "C" should be top right.)

Posté Sat 24 Aug 19 @ 5:02 pm
If anything, it's the controller that has it wrong.

In the vast majority of cases, the normal left and right decks would be A (left) and B (right). Switching to decks C & D (or 3 & 4) would put C on the left and D on the right - so the left deck/platter would be A/C and the right B/D.

Also please note that you can use any skin with your controller. You are not restricted to using one with the same name or layout.

Posté Sat 24 Aug 19 @ 5:28 pm