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Sujet 60fps - Page: 2
Here is some more info on Win8 and above on DWM. It is always on unless there is no WDDM compliant graphics driver. Mostly meaning your GPU is probably old or weak. User may have a little control control over it and there are hacks you can use but having it off is most likely not going to be a good thing for smoothness and tearing issues. Not sure if there is an easy way to tell if DWM is on for Win8 and above but it is easy to tell that in code and maybe I will add a setting to TV that will show this.

This is from Microsoft and assume it applies to Win 10 but we will find out.

If a system does not have a WDDM-compliant graphics driver, Windows 8 uses Microsoft Basic Display Adapter as the default adapter. Since DWM always runs on the default adapter, it will choose Microsoft Basic Display Adapter to compose the desktop when a WDDM-compliant graphics driver is not available (whether not installed or disabled) on the system.

Microsoft Basic Display Adapter is a software rasterizer that uses the CPU rather than the GPU to perform all the drawing. Note that the performance of desktop composition on Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (especially animations) may not be as smooth as when running desktop composition on a GPU.

We will also need to run several test for laptops with 2 GPUs.

Posté Wed 09 Aug 17 @ 9:52 pm
There are some test cases coming in but slowly. If your machine tends to be low end this is not necessarily for you. We are trying to come up with some bench marks though for various hardware and OS versions. For Win7 users, even if your machine is low end, there are some steps you can take that can help. More on that later.

Posté Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 3:16 pm
tested across three machines and got these results. I do have 2 other older machines (and i3 running 8.1 and a winXP system) I can test on but will take a little longer to get to.

club pc -
ASUS Desktop
win 7 64B home premium i-7 3.4GHZ
8GB ram
4gb Nvidia GT 730
Aero ON, Transparency OFF (no background image - flat black color only)
scrolltest layout at 60FPS both video and skin = glassy smooth scrolling of image
scrolltest layout at 30FPS both video and skin = constant jitter and tearing while scrolling

personal laptop -
win10 home 64gb i-7 1.8ghz 2.40ghz
16gb ram
Nvidia Geforce GT 745M
scrolltest layout at 60FPS both video and skin = runs glassy smooth with no tearing or jitter UNLESS using anything outside of vdj while video is runnng or when recording video and then there is minimal tearing and an occasional jitter.
scrolltest layout at 30FPS both video and skin = tearing and jittering
(no background image - flat black color only)

home pc -
Dell xps desktop
win10 home i-7 3.40ghz
16gb ram
4gb nvidia geforce gtx 750i
(no background image - flat black color only)
scrolltest layout at 60FPS both video and skin = glassy smooth scrolling of image
scrolltest layout at 30FPS both video and skin = image stuttering across screen

Posté Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 12:23 pm
Thanks John. One day when your kids or grand kids are showing you the latest holographic display using their quantum computer, you can tell them we would have been happy just to get a smooth display at 60FPS.

Posté Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 7:15 pm
their faces when I tell them that the first computer I ever used was on a Houston School District mainframe timeshare that didn't even have a screen - just a LOUD selectric ball slamming lines of text on to a roll of NCR type paper - is already fun to watch. we've discussed past and future computing and I use it as mental exercise for them to imagine the possibilities they will have within the next 10-20 years. Moore's Law... might get broken or bent a bit.

anyway... if I left anything out from results that you needed let me know. I was half asleep when I remembered to pull that off the thumbdrive after work

Posté Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 8:04 pm
A good and brief video about how computers work currently, a little bit of quantum physics, and then on to quantum computers.

The biggest fear right now for governments and the world economy is that it is predicated that quantum computers will be able to break all known methods of encryption and cryptography. The race is already on to create quantum proof encryption. The current encryption methods work because no computer can break them in any reasonable time. Maybe they could given hundreds of years to work on it. It is reasoned that quantum computers may have no problem with that.

Posté Wed 16 Aug 17 @ 3:04 am
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
I'm still here..

Posté Wed 16 Aug 17 @ 3:36 am
are you sure?

Posté Wed 16 Aug 17 @ 6:38 am
I was enjoying this post when it was simply about video frames and such.
Now we've gone quantum.... I love it.
I probably won't be alive when we learn how to utilize quantum physics but it is fascinating.
If wish I had been more interested in school. Thanks for sharing, Don.

Posté Wed 16 Aug 17 @ 1:40 pm
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