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Sujet Converting VDJ7 Skin to Vdj8 Skin.

So finally have a new controller on the way that is compatible with VDJ8. So I thought it about time I start having a play around with V8. (while sticking to V7 for live play for the moment)

I have my own skin that I spent many hours perfecting but I remember when I tried running my skin under V8 everything was "messed up". Is there an easy way of converting a V7 skin to V8? I don't want to be reading the skin from scratch.


Posté Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 7:28 am
Everything was messed up? A skin designed for VDJ7 is 99% compatible with VDJ8.

The only major difference is the four browser tabs in VDJ 7 (browser, sampler, effects, record) are no longer required.

Unless you provide more information about the parts that don't work, it's hard for anyone to assist you.

Posté Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 4:33 pm
I thought the skins were mainly the same, but got a shock when I tried the skin on it. That along with the lack of support for my serial controller forced me to stay with V7.

I'll have to download v8 and take some photos of my skin both on 7 and 8. From memory it looked like much of the buttons pulled from the bmp file were miles off.

I'll get a photo shortly

Posté Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 5:06 pm
Ok here's the skin as it should be on V7

Posté Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 5:19 pm
And with a track loaded.

Posté Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 5:25 pm
Ok and same skin on v8.

Most of the buttons like cue ect are completely missing unless I hover over them. Also the maximise and configuration buttons are missing unless hovered over.

That was non maximised... Even though my skin is made in exactly to the resolution of my screen (1366) if I maximise it it just squashes the decks up and comply boobs up my skin completely..

Posté Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 5:28 pm
Anyone know what is wrong?

Posté Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 7:07 am
It's hard to say without knowing which skin it is, or seeing the skin's graphics and XML code.

It may just need the version= updated and breakline info added to the XML (see skin wiki).

Is this a skin that's available from the v7 addons area? If so, what's it called? It looks familiar.

Posté Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 7:17 am
It was one I downloaded a while back, then modified pretty strongly for my own use.

Wouldn't vdj8 see the VDJ7 tag and adjust to it? Or do I need to change the xml to say v8?

Posté Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 5:04 pm
halo_djk wrote :
It was one I downloaded a while back

.....and the name of it is?

My guess is that the skin simply needs the breakline stuff added in the appropriate place(s), and for that to work, the version= will have to be changed to 8.

Posté Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 6:47 pm
I have no idea now, it's about 10 years ago now. I kept updating it for the new features as they came out. But it's been years since I modified it an have done no skin work with v8 as I had to stick with V7 as I use a dac2 that is a serial device.

What are the extra bits that would need to be added to a v7 skin to make it work with v8?
Obviously the browser section and the tabs that change the effects and plugins. I can't access my website ftp as I've been locked out of uploading files due to an account change.

Posté Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 5:35 am
halo_djk wrote :
I have no idea

Why not just go to the config area of VDJ and read the name of the skin from there?

Or if for some reason you changed the name, have a look in the skin's XML. The name and author should still be there (unless you changed those too).

Anyway, I've given you my advice. Try that and see if it helps.

Posté Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 7:55 am

All fixed now.

It was down to one tiny bit of stray <pos> code left over from the original skin (whatever that was) when our friend here was happily deleting bits and pieces.

Posté Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 3:34 pm
Major thanks to GrovinDJ, got me all sorted out. There are still some awesome people left in this world. Really appreciate his work.

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