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Sujet Need a Numark Mixdeck Express Skin
Hi everyone,
Was just wondering if someone out there could get a skin made for a Numark Mixdeck Express...I've seen the regular Mixdeck skin around but nothing for the Mixdeck Express.
Thanks in advance,
DJ Cee

Posté Thu 01 Mar 18 @ 1:29 am
From the wiki page here...

Quote :
NOTE: Using a look-alike skin is not required for optimal performance of a controller. The skin has no effect on the functionality of a MIDI controller and vice-versa. In fact, when using a controller, it's often better to use a more minimalistic skin designed for controller use that allows more space for the browser, effects, samples, etc.

Posté Thu 01 Mar 18 @ 5:24 pm
Asking for a custom skin for a new controller is like asking for polyphonic ringtones on a new phone :)

Posté Thu 01 Mar 18 @ 5:29 pm
There are plenty of skins for a Mixdeck Express (i.e. any skin) - there just isn't one like a Mixdeck Express...

Have you heard of those people who can't use their computer unless they've got a picture of it on screen. :-)

Posté Thu 01 Mar 18 @ 5:41 pm