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Sujet wish
here's an idea fer the skin developers , would it be possible to have some custom buttons / tools in a window or tool bar between the file list and the sideview window?

Posté Tue 27 Mar 18 @ 3:46 pm
would it be possible to put a tool / option on the sidelist that would eliminate the need to physically press the shift key on the keyboard to select a group of files from the sidelist?

Posté Wed 28 Mar 18 @ 11:54 pm it has amazing mixes from DJs as well as you can upload your own. It would be great to play that content just like soundcloud. There was a request somewhere I read for a record for DRM tracks. I think what the person was saying was a midi data recording of the session that you can play back how you did those mixes. Not output of the DRM files to wav or such. I would like to see that too. Much like Fruity Loops, Abelton etc.

Muti-Camera support for different placements in the club.

The Automix feature needs a way to right click and put a down or up beat mark, for when the bpm starts to slide away correcting its bpm. Instead of having to reEdit Bpm. Also needed in Automix is a way to click where you want the next song to start. Especially, if the song is over 20 minutes or so. Having the hot cues accessible in Automix edit would work best.. Like under the wavform to the right for the song on top and to the left for the song on the bottom. scubbing through the song the way it is takes forever. I have fallen in DJ love with VDJ. It's so much better now. The fact I can pretty much throw any codec file type at it AND it PLAYS! It is way ahead of anyone else I've tried so far.
Anyone coming from MMPro 7 once they find the Automix in VDJ they are sure to leave that unsupported train wreck just like I have. The more I discover about VDJ the more I love it.
Automix Type needs additional types Likke BeatMix 8 measures, 16 Measures etc

Posté Wed 04 Sep 19 @ 11:25 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
MIDI data recording of the session + HID + Keyboard + mouse ? HID ? + touch screens ? HID ? + remote + scripts and plugins actions
What is needed to acheive that is a usable macro recorder

Muti-Camera support for different placements exist right now
Camera effect can select any connected camera
You can even select two camera effect per deck and VDJ can have 99
i.e. mapping every decks in a video element at full screen size it is theorically possible to mix up to 2x99 different camera on Master output on top of video
A big amount of job but VDJ Can !


Posté Wed 04 Sep 19 @ 11:57 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Not sure if any GPU/CPU could handle everything ; but with some couple of camera it is possible

Posté Thu 05 Sep 19 @ 12:05 am