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Sujet USB Audio Soundcard not available
DJoBoJaHome userMember since 2018
I bought a week ago a new USB adapter (USB-jack in+jack out "") because the controller I have doesn't have jack in/out so I need two jack out from my PC. It worked until yesterday but now Virtual DJ says that the USB adapter isn't available. I tried withouth Virtual DJ and the adapter works, so it's a problem of Virtual DJ, soultions?

Edit: when the external controller isn't connected to PC and I'm using Virtual DJ with the PC keyboard USB adapter works, when I connect the controller it works for 10 seconds and responds to command(Main, Cross-Fader, ecc.) and then stops.

Posté Mon 21 May 18 @ 8:58 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Which controller is that ?
If it doesnt come with VirtualDJ LE, then you will need to purchase a License to unlock and fully use the controller.

Posté Mon 21 May 18 @ 2:34 pm