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Sujet Minimalist UX (videoskin) Wallpaper Pack

Posté Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 6:34 pm
Sweet.... Do i add the wallpapers to the Minimalist 1 and 2 folders to change the background look?

Posté Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 7:59 pm

Use the slideshow plugin in VirtualDJ, then in the slideshow plugin settings (click the icon at the right side at the effect dropdown list to open that), choose the folder that the slideshow pack makes, located at "my documents/virtualdj/wallpapers/minimalistux"

Posté Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 8:05 pm
Nice --- thank you for this app. :)

Posté Mon 02 Jul 18 @ 6:03 pm