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Sujet Increase tone information font size?
alkhemyHome userMember since 2017
Increase tone information font size? It is too small! thanks

Posté 5 days ago @ 8:39 pm
On what skin?

Posté 4 days ago @ 4:45 pm
alkhemyHome userMember since 2017
classic skin

Posté 4 days ago @ 9:36 pm
OK well this should be in the skin forum, but...

It looks me to as if the EQ font size is under define class "knobk". In the <button> section of that class you'll see text and textselected are both size="13". That seems to be the adjustment you require.

I used the 2 deck skin to find this. It may be different in the others.

Posté 4 days ago @ 6:55 am