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Sujet Conseils branchement caisson de basses actif
Hello everyone,
I mix with Virtual DJ with a lot of pleasure for over 15 years and I'm always looking for the best sound system possible for my parties (up to 150 people). I am also looking to invest in not too expensive equipment.
Currently, I mix with a controller Denon MC 4000 with 2 XLR outputs connected to 2 active speakers Malone. I also have a Skytec active subwoofer with a single input / output but a crossover filter
When I connect it between the controller and one of the speakers, the bass sounds good but the sound is not balanced since the other h-p is not connected to the box
Current red connection
Green with sub 2 inputs outputs
Blue with mixer output sub
I searched in many forums on the internet the best solution, but I still hesitate between buying:
- A new subwoofer with 2 inputs / outputs to replace the Skytec
- A second identical Skytec box and use 2 to balance (heavy)
- Mixer with sub output
I prefer to avoid Y-cables or an additional device to separate frequencies
Thank you in advance for your help and advice !

Posté Fri 09 Nov 18 @ 11:06 am