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Sujet Yamaha MG10XU
I recently hooked up my Yamaha MG10XU and got it to work on Virtual DJ with the usb connection via the mic settings but the main and mic outputs on the program are barely showing up on the programs' vu meters.

I have the computer and VDJ mic volumes for the mixer all the way up, tried several different audio settings from the output, card and input tabs, and have the latest hardware driver installed on the computer, but I still get the low output. I also checked on the VDJ site for anything on Yamaha controller drivers to download, but there isn't any. Is there a way, without having to raise up the db gain on the mixer that would add a ton a hiss, to get the audio up better on the usb side of it?

Posté Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 3:37 pm