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Sujet Loading songs to DB question for everyone or anyone...
Can someone tell me how many files down does the Load to DB go. I was told it only goes 2 folders deep. So if I have a folder called sound choice and in that folder I have sound choice 1 and in that folder I have 2000/2010 and so on. I was told It will on add down to the sound choice 1 so if there is nothing in it then it wont add down into the other folders labeled year's
Root folder Sound choice
Sub Folder Sound Choice 1/2/3/4/5 and so on
Sub sub folder in 1 2000/2001 and so on. I was told anything in these folders will not be loaded. I hope someone understands what I'm saying

Posté Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 6:59 pm
Don't understand what you mean at all. Maybe it's a terminology thing but surely all your tracks should be in the database anyway?

Posté Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 7:00 pm
djdonnPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I don't think there's a limit to how many subfolders you can have. Not sure why you'd want to split everything out like that. Year information should be contained in the id3 tag of each file. You can then search for years.

Posté Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 7:38 pm
It's probably karaoke tracks ripped from CDs

Posté Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 8:05 pm
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Using recurse will drill down through all the directory levels.
If they are karaoke files, some things I have found over the years may save you some time.

I’ve noticed problems with tagging by some of the CDG ripping software.
If you have zip tag reading enabled or the files unzipped, this will be an issue.

If they are not tagged and it uses the file name to parse tag information from, the structure of your file name dictates how fields are propagated.
NAME - TITLE (DISCID) will fill the fields properly and put the discid into the Remix field.

A program called KJ Filemanager from Karasoft will save you a lot of headaches. With options set it renamed and tags inside zip files. You can also show duplicate files by manufacturer or from the whole collection. With the tags filled properly, and VDJ set to read in ZIP’s, everything loads into VDJ nicely.

However you proceed, spend the time to clean and prep the files before bringing them into VDJ.

Posté Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 7:55 am