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Sujet Xdj rx2
Hi guys.does somebody try to conect aXdj rx2 with Virtual?thank you

Posté Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 6:30 pm

Posté Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 7:53 pm
Hello! I had a XDJ-RX2 but I've returned it because it kept freezing when it was used in performance mode (with virtualdj or rekordbox). I got those freezes randomly, some times after few minute, some times after hours from I had started to play. At that time I was asking on diffrent dj groups (includding pioneer's groups) if there is anybody who use rx2 in performance mode without issues and I have found none. Pioneer's support told me that was a bug which engineers tried to fix at that time (august 2018). So beware of live performance...

Posté Tue 22 Jan 19 @ 8:14 am