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Sujet Free video editing software - Page: 1
I was going through some old threads and came across one where Ron mentions a program called “ShotCut”.

Well I usually let VDJ generate a video file for me.

Example being, I have a video that’s just the main version, meaning no intro/outro. Well I have the MP3 version with the intro/outro.

I’ve used the Windows movie maker and Apples movie maker, both are a pain in the ass to use and I usually scrap it.

Anyways ShotCut is so easy to use and the results were good.

Never have used it before it took me about 30 minutes to chop up a video and and the intro/outro MP3 audio to the video.

Best part is, it’s free. So for some simple edits it’s perfect.

Thanks Ron.....

Posté Sat 30 Mar 19 @ 10:13 pm
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
I use premiere pro and doing same procedures, is shotcut working with wave files aswell?

Posté Sun 31 Mar 19 @ 7:52 pm

Posté Sun 31 Mar 19 @ 8:08 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
An interesting possibility offered by Shotcut is the ability to easily create custom video transitions using almost any paint program..Text?
So a few photos, maybe a little video, perhaps some text, a few effects and some nice video transitions plus a fade in and out.. hey presto you've got a tailored video for your mp3.
Going for bonus points the video could be designed to promote your venue.

..and yes it is easy.

Shotcut does choke if you have a slow computer and Avidemux then becomes a viable alternative.

Posté Mon 01 Apr 19 @ 11:49 am
Ron what presets are you using during export??

Posté Mon 01 Apr 19 @ 1:49 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I'm only a beginner at this sort of stuff..anyway I did not like the look of the presets so I went to the advanced tab and selected basic video stuff mp4, aspect ratio 16:9, 1920x1080 resolution and 60 frames/s. The rest I left as default. The very important audio tab looked fine. All worked well.
My screens are set at 1080p hd.

I might have just created my own stock default setting. The default settings looks fine.

This is a big topic and may lead some to Adobe. I suppose it depends on how much of an expert you wish to editing is very important for a VDJ.
So are cameras of one type or another.

Posté Mon 01 Apr 19 @ 5:51 pm

Posté Tue 02 Apr 19 @ 2:26 pm
For a sec there, I thought that was going to be Mac only - but no. Mac, Windows and Linux!

Posté Tue 02 Apr 19 @ 4:40 pm
Yes sir all platforms are covered. I didn’t really get a chance to mess around with it last night but tonight I plan on sitting down and getting to know this program as well .

Posté Tue 02 Apr 19 @ 5:01 pm
This question is for you video guys who render/export videos.

What are the ideal export settings?? How to achieve the best quality without making the file super huge?? I’m sure there’s a trade off somewhere but I don’t know much about this stuff.

Anyone who does feel free to speak up and Thanks for the time and info!

Posté Tue 02 Apr 19 @ 8:25 pm
Ok so I just had a go with DaVinci Resolve and I gotta say, I like this better then Shotcut. Not saying Shotcut is bad but DaVinci Resolve has better tools and better options as far as what to do with video or audio. The workflow feels better as well.

Give it a try Ron, you might end uo switching, lol!

Posté Wed 03 Apr 19 @ 1:00 am
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
The export settings should always depends on the quality of the original videofile.
Always try to match source.
If you import a videofile that is 720, dont force it to render as 1080, it´s like take a 128 kbit/s mp3 and convert it to a wavefile.

Posté Wed 03 Apr 19 @ 5:34 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
To a certain extent..but I feel it's more important to maintain a standard HD definition. Hence 720p or 1080p maintaining screen computability. Funny resolutions can cause all sorts of problems.


Give it a try..I'd end up wanting the proper version at 299 Euro's
It's not cheap.
Maybe one day when I know what I'm doing properly.

Posté Wed 03 Apr 19 @ 6:45 pm
The "proper version" seems mainly about collaborating with your team of editors. How many staff do you have? :-)

Posté Wed 03 Apr 19 @ 8:34 pm
Yeah I don’t think he’s really read it, lol!!

ShotCut is nice but DaVinci Resolve is definitely the better option here.

Posté Thu 04 Apr 19 @ 12:22 am
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
ShotCut is nice but DaVinci Resolve is definitely the better option here.

I've been quite happy with Resolve as well. For simpler edits I use Reaper Audio.

Posté Thu 04 Apr 19 @ 12:59 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I'll give Resolve a go..I never got much past the 299 Euro's.

Posté Thu 04 Apr 19 @ 7:50 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Resolve is off to a bad start. Besides wanting all my details including phone number it's trying to let 3 apps through my firewall. It's looking a bit like slyware. No such problems with Shotcut.

Posté Thu 04 Apr 19 @ 9:34 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
$225 : commercial license.
Hm..$60 : discounted license.

Reaper is also quite expensive. What's wrong with the proper free open source Audacity?

I thought this thread was about freeware and not selling things?

Posté Thu 04 Apr 19 @ 9:45 am
This is about freeware ,

ShotCut is free and Resolve is free.

In my opinion Resolve is the better program as it has a ton more options for you to use.

One thing Resolve has over ShotCut is the razor blade or the way it cuts video up. This one tool is so much better then Shotcut’s. And for me that’s what I needed because I’m starting to chop up a lot of videos for remixes of the tracks.

Posté Thu 04 Apr 19 @ 11:46 am
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