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Sujet Broadcast to Facebook not working
Myself and my friend are both trying to broadcast to our facebook page but we're both having different issues and cannot broadcast.

He has a mac and I have a windows laptop. Last week he was unable to broadcast on his mac, he would try to connect and the video stream would come through to the facebook stream page, but after a few seconds the broadcast would cut out as if no signal was being received. He has been repeating this and every time, he gets a few seconds of the broadcast coming through and then it cuts out.

I was fine last week and was streaming fine, but now this week mine is also not working on my windows laptop. But with mine the broadcast will not even start. I click start broadcast and it says "Starting Broadcast..." beneath, but just never activates, it just only ever says "Start Broadcast" and never changes to "Stop Broadcast" which is what the button usually switches to once it is broadcasting, so that you can then stop it.

Please help. We are both paying a monthly subscription fee and have both not been able to broadcast for 1-2 weeks.

Posté Thu 25 Apr 19 @ 9:12 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Any more info, are you using rtmp or rtmps?

Posté Thu 25 Apr 19 @ 10:24 pm
Just using Virtual DJ and the stream page on Facebook.. So I seem to have fixed it by switching to an unsecured rtmp on facebook and now the stream works.. Perhaps I'd accidentally selected the secure rtmp, and then it just wouldn't let me start the broadcast from Virtual DJ at all.. Don't understand it, but it's working now so will stick with unsecure rtmp..

Posté Wed 01 May 19 @ 9:40 pm