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Sujet "Additional Search Option" : Highlight ALL folders that contain the song you are searching for AND highlight...
It would be useful to have an additional "option" to choose from in the "Search Options" menu, wherein we have the ability to type in a song or artist just like we do now, but have the option to simply "highlight" where that song exists, if it exists in the current playlist folder (i.e. move to the position of that song in the existing playlist, and highlight it).

It should also, i.e. at the same time, highlight ALL other playlist folders that contain the song / artist being searched for...

This feature would be very useful when putting sets / playlists together, as often playlists can contain 100+ songs, and trying to remember / look for whether you already included a particular song in the "active" playlist, or in a "related" playlist, that you started work on days or weeks ago, can be tedious and time-consuming, and even then, searching "manually" means you can often miss seeing the song.

Posté Tue 07 May 19 @ 3:56 pm
(i.e. move to the position of that song in the existing playlist, and highlight it)

This would be very useful in a first step!

If you search in a playlist the result within the playlist is displayed at the top.
If you mark/highlight now one of the results at the top and after that click the x-button right next to the search (empty-button or delete-button?)
it would be great, if then this marked/highlighted result would also be marked/highlighted in the following window.
At the moment only the previously selected song is displayed as marked again.

As mentioned, with long playlists it can be advantageous to quickly find a song and possibly recognize what could be played afterwards or before.

As a complicated workaround I always do it so, that I search the song, give it a striking color and then find it faster in the order of the playlist. :-)

Posté Tue 11 Jun 19 @ 2:08 pm