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Sujet Any one good at maths?
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I've flummoxed myself. I'm trying out stuff with tones [1/32 loops] and riding the pitch but I want to cheat the bpm so no matter the pitch the bpm stays constant
This is kind of weird it works when using dirty tricks but doesn't playing it straight
So I have a button I press once on track load
set 'base' `get_bpm`

and I have a dial
pitch & set 'test' `get_pitch_value & param_1_x & param_multiply 100` & set 'change' `param_multiply "get_var 'test'" "get_var 'base'"`

and also a button [pad 4] I press after tweaking the dial
get_var 'change' & param_cast & set_bpm

Like that it works, like this it also works [dirty trick]
pitch & set 'test' `get_pitch_value & param_1_x & param_multiply 100` & set 'change' `param_multiply "get_var 'test'" "get_var 'base'"` & pad 4

But add then together properly, no es bueno.
pitch & set 'test' `get_pitch_value & param_1_x & param_multiply 100` & set 'change' `param_multiply "get_var 'test'" "get_var 'base'"` & get_var 'change' & param_cast & set_bpm

Posté Mon 13 May 19 @ 9:58 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
You are right, one affect the dial when the other affects directly the file which need to scan for bpm again
one sets the pitch to 'change' the other one sets the bpm for the pitch of the file to match 'base' at this pitch

Posté Mon 13 May 19 @ 9:26 pm