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Sujet Setting volume level
Hello everyone. I am using vdj 7.05 with omni surround 5.1 sound blaster. Is there a way to set a standard volume level of output so that when i use a playlist all tracks have the same level of volume?

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 4:58 pm
Why are you still using an eight year old version of VDJ? I could guess, but please enlighten me. :-)

What are your autogain settings? VDJ should already be doing a reasonable job of keeping levels in check, if you have it enabled.

If you were using VDJ 8 then I would suggest putting a VST plugin (such as LoudMax) on the master FX. You can't do that with your 8 year old unsupported version.

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 5:12 pm
pirated software?

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 5:45 pm
Run your tracks through mp3gain then re-analyse in VDJ. Also make sure your automix setting is "auto"

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 5:58 pm