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Sujet after 10 years my first crash while playing live........just a question
hh73PRO InfinityMember since 2006
im using a pioneer xdj-rx2. which i must say works excellent with vdj2018. im pretty sure im on the latest build. i just play mp3s. im a house and techno dj.

about 10 mins into the mix. the program crashed out. basically froze. and had to use task manager to close it. i am using the 32bit version.

after about 3 reboots. i got it working again by setting it to work in widows 8 compatibility mode. no plug ins, vsts, visuals. i have a i7-9700k, 32gbs of ram, and an amd vega 56. so its not underpowered. i did notice on the xdj. when i turned that off and on to reboot that. that also came up with a blank screen..

now all is good. my question is: should i just move over to the 64bit version now. is it stable? im running windows 10 home spring update 2019.


Posté Tue 11 Jun 19 @ 8:43 am
I haven't had a crash in a long time once I've stopped using 3rd party plugins. I had a few hangs, but it was probably from my VSTs, slow drives or long playlists. If you install some database VSTs that could cause a problem, they have their own set of bugs. I have both 32 and 64bit versions and it's a good idea to have both especially if you're mixing videos and I've found both to be equally stable.

Most crashes have something to do with your OS and drivers, USB, hard drives, corrupt files, updates, something happened. I feel VDJ8's been very reliable, there's something else that causes it when it happens. A damaged USB cable could cause problems, or using the wrong cable. It's very difficult to prove what causes it, but don't give up brother. VDJ8's the most reliable in the business.

Posté Tue 11 Jun 19 @ 10:11 pm
hh73PRO InfinityMember since 2006
i dont use any plug ins, vsts, or video. i think its something in the bios (throttling). although im mixing on a desktop pc. the cpu is very cool. yes could be anything. think it was more likely this build of windows im using. i have found a few apps i needed to run in windows 8 compat mode.

its no biggie. thinking of trying the 64 bit version. but since im just mixing mp3s and such. the effects on my controller work really well thru the master channel. much better than rekordbox.. which is very unstable on windows. (for me)

its also now very warm and humid.

Posté Tue 11 Jun 19 @ 11:56 pm
hh73PRO InfinityMember since 2006
have noticed some kind of bug or issue with my pio xdj rx2 (which works very well...i would say a 90% rating with vdj). but it seems sometimes in the middle of a mix. the gains will actually do the opposite of what you want. and sort of freeze. only way to get it back is to quickly move them back and forth and its ok. same with the pitch sliders on the xdj. i think the trick is before a mix. to wiggle or moves all the knobs before the feels like a latency issue. but i have a very fast pc (i7-9700k, nvidia gtx 1070, 32gbs ram, and my c: drive is on samsung m2 drive.)

pioneer just released a new firmware and windows 10 driver. so hopefully that helps.

kinda miss my denon dnx6000mk2. small but works perfectly lol

Posté Fri 05 Jul 19 @ 11:00 am
hh73PRO InfinityMember since 2006
btw i was using an insiders preview on windows 10. i re installed and am using the spring 2019 update. tired of being a beta tester lol

Posté Fri 05 Jul 19 @ 3:11 pm
Is your computer in high performance mode? the wiggling sounds strange, unless your computer is power down or you have the other type of fader behaviour set in the settings. You want that for PITCH but for gains, turn it off.

Posté Sat 06 Jul 19 @ 7:25 pm