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Hello friends!
I just bought the Denon MC7000 controller, but I don't know how to activate the vinyl mode to scratch.
I press the "Vinyl" button on the controller, it lights up, but the scratch function is not activated, but remains in "CD (Bend)" mode.
I don't think the controller comes with the damaged Jogwheels, since if I put the track on pause, it can be scratched. When I can't scratch it is when the track is playing.
As I just bought it, the firmware that the controller brings is the factory one.
I've been watching and apparently there is a newer one.
I don't know if updating the firmware will fix the problem. Or it may be that Virtual DJ mapping for this controller does not contemplate this function.
Please, someone who has this controller and the same thing happened to me, to tell me how I can activate this function.
I'll be waiting for your answers.
Thanks in advance.

Posté Fri 29 Nov 19 @ 5:00 pm
rafarenas wrote :
someone who has this controller.

I've had a Denon MC7000 for 2 years now and I've just ordered a new one. Hopefully it's not a new issue.

The opposite was true for me. After upgrading the firmware the jog was less sensitive and failing to register some of my spinbacks, the track would bend slower instead. Vinyl mode worked perfectly fine before the upgrade. You can enter the settings mode and increase it's capacitive sensitivity. Mine is increased by 1.

Another thing to notice, the more upright you hand is, the likeliness of registering touch decreases.

If you're interested, I've got loads of tweaks for the Denon and will be doing more now 2020 has settled in.

Posté Sat 30 Nov 19 @ 4:12 am
Thanks mitchiemasha !!!
I just fixed it.
The solution: going back to an earlier version of the firmware.
The controller had the latest version available at the factory, the "MC7000_mcu_v0030_usb_v1110".
I have been testing and I have gone down to the previous version, the "MC7000_v1109_v0026", and the vinyl mode already works.
To make sure, then I have updated again to the latest version (the factory one), and nothing, the vinyl mode did not work again.
So in the end I left the previous version, and apparently everything perfect.
What I will have is to continue testing with the controller and with all its functions, it will not be that when you download the firmware version you have solved the issue of vinyl mode, but other "bugs" appear that the latest version fixed.
I think I'm going to put a message to the people of Denon commenting on this rare update bug.
Thanks again to everyone!!!

Pd: By the way, this failure of the vinyl mode also happens with Serato and is solved in the same way.

Posté Sat 30 Nov 19 @ 8:40 pm
hummm this is kinda of odd ive been DJing with my Mc7000 like forever with (v0030_usb_v1110) and i have no problems at all strange that you have to go down a firmware.

Posté Sun 01 Dec 19 @ 1:57 am
rafarenas wrote :

The solution: going back to an earlier version of the firmware..

Yes. This is kind of what I've wrote but didn't realise you had the latest version (as you didn't) installed. The newer firmware is less sensitive at the default setting. I had an argument with the official guys over on the Denon Forum about this... saying they could of warned us. It was very embarrassing when my spin back didn't spin back. They tried to be firm about the default setting not changing but it has. Yes the default setting is still 0 but what that 0 is isn't as sensitive as before.

Use the latest Firmware but go in the setting and change sensitivity to plus 2.

My new Denon came on Saturday and it had the latest Firmware, same issue, so bumped to +2.

I'm going to be spending all week working on some more unique mapping. Changing FX assign to jump the Filter knob through ColorFX. Each FX assign corresponding to each Filter knob, illuminates when not the filter.

I've already changed ROLL PAD to be LOOP SIZES and my favourite, changing needle drop to be track zoom when the song is playing, needle drop when not playing.

Posté Mon 02 Dec 19 @ 5:09 pm
Thank you mitchiemasha.
As soon as I can update the firmware to the latest version and set the sensitivity to +2, as you say.
I already tell you if it works for me.

Posté Tue 03 Dec 19 @ 8:09 am
I have updated the firmware again to the latest version (which is the one that it brought from the factory) and I have set the jog sensitivity to +2, and it works perfectly.
It was not necessary to move to an older firmware version to solve this problem.
It was just a matter of changing the sensitivity of the jog.
What I do not understand is why Denon released a firmware update that changes the sensitivity of the default jog, which forces you to have to try to leave it to your liking.
Thank you very much mitchiemasha your valuable help.

Posté Tue 03 Dec 19 @ 11:30 pm
rafarenas wrote :

What I do not understand is why Denon released a firmware update that changes the sensitivity of the default jog

Exactly what i thought... and didn't even tell anyone in the release notes, no warning. Even the Forum techs thought I was wrong.

Posté Tue 03 Dec 19 @ 11:44 pm