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Sujet Virtual DJ on Zoom
MRM1062PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hey gang, can someone help me in setting up Virtual DJ through Zoom? I'm using a Dell XPS laptop through a Behringer UCA222 audio interface. I need to be able to DJ songs to a group of 50, narrating between many of the songs. I can get the Zoom program working fine but not able to integrate VDJ into the program. Thanks for any help that can be offered.

Posté Mon 11 May 20 @ 6:32 am
Wow I'm not the only one ok yes I need that help also. I've just purchased the vms5 controller and can't get the mic session to work with zoom. Also I'm using a virtual cable. So is there a special settings that's needed. Please help us

Posté Thu 21 May 20 @ 9:40 pm
I use my twitch feed. So then each person can bring up twitch as well as zoom, or I can bring it up in my browser and share my screen.

Posté Wed 17 Jun 20 @ 9:58 pm