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Sujet OS2L Bridge for FreeStyler control?
From what I've read in various threads OS2L is native to VDJ and the FreeStyler8 plugin will not be supported on 64 bit versions, although it currently still is. Apparently there was an OS2L bridge which was created to translate OS2L commands into TCP command used by FreeStyler. All the links to the OS2L bridge are dead, but I cannot find a clear solution to get VDJ2020 to send commands to FreeStyler via OS2L commands.

Can someone please shed some light on the way to get OS2L to FreeStyler - The wiki only has guides to configure SunLite Suite and QLC...

I don't even know where to start... I assume there must be a list of OS2L commands, and some sort of mapping program to map the OS2L commands to FreeStyler TCP commands?

Any help appreciated.

Posté Wed 20 May 20 @ 7:48 pm
How does the FreeStyler TCP protocol look like? I might be able to whip something up in NodeJS.

Posté Sun 26 Jul 20 @ 1:45 pm
From the Freestyler forum:
"The documentation of the TCP protocol is found in the FreeStyler directory under Documentation\Sendmessage and TCPIP.pdf"

Posté Sun 26 Jul 20 @ 1:48 pm
There is a native Freestyler plugin, did you try that?
Also available in 64-bit

Posté Sun 26 Jul 20 @ 2:30 pm
I've taken a look at the Sendmessage and TCPIP.pdf file and unfortunately implementing this protocol is beyond my capabilities.

Posté Mon 27 Jul 20 @ 5:47 pm
SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
I can stick the bridge back up for you if you like.

Posté Mon 27 Jul 20 @ 11:36 pm