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Sujet Geen geluid via Numark N4
Goedenavond, Ik heb mijn Numark N4 aangesloten op VirtualDJ 8 maar krijg geen geluid via de controler. Alleen via de geluidskaart van mij MacBook. Wat gaat verkeerd?

Posté Mon 08 Jun 20 @ 6:56 pm
stevoqxPRO InfinityMember since 2011 - N4
Kopieer deze in je browser hier kun je de oplossing voor al je vragen vinden.


Connect the N4 with your computer using the provided USB cable.
Connect your speakers to the rear Master Output using proper RCA or XLR cables and your Headphones to the front socket.
Use the provided Power adapter and power on the unit from the rear side Power button when all connections are made.


No drivers are required to be installed. The Numark N4 is a USB Class Compliant device and your Operating system will automatically install the necessary drivers when the unit is connected to your computer.


Install VirtualDJ 8 from (in case you have not done already)

Start VirtualDJ and login with your Account credentials.

A Pro Infinity, Pro Subscription or a Plus Numark N4 Controller License is required.

Detection Window
A detection window will appear when the unit is first connected with VirtualDJ.

Click on the "Use Soundcard" button so that VirtualDJ will apply the pre-defined audio configuration (speakers need to be connected to the Master Output of the unit)

Click to OK

The N4 is now ready to operate with VirtualDJ

Posté Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 2:21 pm