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Sujet Can I disable video on video files?
I want to output only the skin video without the video when playing videoclips.
How can do it?
I send only video skin and the rest was compound on OBS. That’s right with only audio clips but not if some videoclips are playing.

Posté Sun 14 Jun 20 @ 1:40 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
disabling video : no, because videoskin is the video
but you can shut the videoclip down to 0 using "video_level" giving a black screen
or add an overlay (slideshow, shader, cover...) global or per deck to take place of the videoclip

Posté Sun 14 Jun 20 @ 2:22 am
Thanks, I give a try!

Posté Sun 14 Jun 20 @ 3:34 am