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Sujet intel cpu numbers
I'm seeing a lot of people reporting here and there "I have a i7 cpu", "oh, it's working on my i5", so I wanted to make a post to clarify this, that can be referred to from other posts.

The number after the "i" in intel cpu, is mostly a marketing trick from Intel to make people believe that their old CPUs are still powerful.
But in reality it means very little.
What's important, is actually the first digit of the number that follows.
So if you have for example a Intel Core i5 9300H, the important number is the 9. It means you have a 9th generation CPU.
It will be MUCH more powerful than a Intel Core i7 4700 for example, that is an old 4th generation CPU.

So when you want to give information about your CPU, please DO NOT say "my cpu is a i5" or "my cpu is a i7" !
(It's basically like saying "my videocard is a HDMI" or "my videocard is a DisplayPort", that's not saying which videocard you have).


Posté Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 7:18 am
so what is the recommended minimum generation level for intel processors to run the engine 'smoothly' ??? 9???
because my i3-7130 U is not up to spec for smooth operation.

Posté Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 5:53 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Depends on what you call "smooth" I'm running i5 4200 [so 5/6 years old] using cpu mathEngine setting [also SSD] and for a track to be fully processed into stems takes 5-6 seconds[4-6 minute track], but to load & play it's ready for that part of a track in under a second

All that said processor is just one link in a chain, a machine with a lower processor with ample fast memory, SSD, and free of "bloat" will do better than machine with a higher processor & other bottlenecks.

Posté Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 7:42 pm
The thing is I cant trust vdj to lower the priority of that task as other tasks will be more important...anyway..the feature was designed to work understandibly on higher end I cannot complain...I hope though that in the future some middle ground is met with lower end machine owners in mind

Posté Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 8:35 pm
Is there a way to disable the stems function ? I have an older laptop , and for the moment( or untill I have the money to buy a new laptop :-) I barely use stems . Vdj runs smooth with no hickups , but stems takes a lot of cpu power when analyzing

Posté Mon 22 Jun 20 @ 9:01 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Just disable the option "mathEngine"

Posté Mon 22 Jun 20 @ 9:10 am
Thanks !

Posté Mon 22 Jun 20 @ 9:29 am
LIMOLPRO InfinityMember since 2003
After disabling MathEngine in the options

it is also necessary to also put the EQmode on frequency because otherwise the frequency of the traditional equalizer will not work.

Posté Mon 22 Jun 20 @ 9:38 am
IMO Atomix need to make that happen automatically if the user disables the mathengine.

Posté Mon 22 Jun 20 @ 10:44 am
If this isnt so already..this should be labeled as a bug

Posté Mon 22 Jun 20 @ 3:47 pm
or use this script on a custom button
setting 'mathengine' 'disabled' & eq_reset & setting 'eqMode' 'frequency'

Posté Sat 04 Jul 20 @ 5:13 am
acw_djPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2005
Dj Pari M wrote :
so what is the recommended minimum generation level for Intel processors to run the engine 'smoothly' ??? 9???
because my i3-7130 U is not up to spec for smooth operation.

Latest Letters in processor are the type of processor priority... U ones are for long battery life and may have slow CPU rates to accomplish that (low performance than regular ones). HOWEVER, if you may get one with a GTX 1050 (or better) graphics card, VirtualDJ 2021 would run smoothly.

If your laptop just has a i3 7130U processor without a NVidia discrete graphics inside, then it may be better to disable stems (mathengine=off) or get a new laptop with Nvidia discrete graphics (1050 or better, 1660, 1665 may be the best deals for today laptops), Core i5 or i7 or i9 (from 8th to 10th or newer generation is the right way to go too. All other options are OPTIONAL, just pick whatever you like more but with a Core i5 or better (8th gen or newer) and GTX 1050 or better (like 1660 these days).

The main deal here is NVidia discrete graphics (from xx50 and above) it may also use an older CPU and the NVidia graphic would allow a smooth VirtualDJ 2021 operation, but this is true only for desktop computers, laptops CAN'T be GPU upgraded (unless you like to add a thunderbolt 3.0 PCIe x 16 expansion port case if whatever reason you want to kept your laptop with thunderbolt 3.0 ports adding this case and a external PCIe graphics card too, but it may cost more than just get a gaming computer instead.

Posté Sun 05 Jul 20 @ 11:57 pm