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it gets annoying when vdj make me login to make the software work if im somewhere where theres no internet I can use it and that really sucks when I pay monthly for it my battery on my labtop isn't working and I think the vdj software connects with the interal clock which is always wrong on my labtop due to battery being dead I just order a new battery but hope this issue can be fixed

Posté Thu 25 Jun 20 @ 2:55 pm
You should only need to validate you license every 30 days (in line with your billing period) to confirm you are still subscribing.
The only way around this is a Pro Infinity license.

That said if it is happening EVERY time, then it sounds like something else could be wrong.
Worth checking that stayLoggedIn is switch on in the settings.
Are you logging in on multiple machines. The Pro license only permits two logins. So if you login to PC3, then PC1 will disconnect. etc.

Posté Thu 25 Jun 20 @ 3:22 pm